Guidelines: Guest Posts

Thank you for considering contributing to We truly appreciate your interest in sharing your views with us in an effort to promote adoption and global Bitcoin awareness. To ensure an engaging experience for our readers, please make sure you review the following guidelines before submitting your guest post to our editorial team for review.


1. Bitcoin Exclusivity:
All submissions must center around Bitcoin-related topics. Whether it’s news, analysis, tutorials, or your own personal experiences, please make sure your content is directly connected to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Other topics will not be considered by our editorial team.


2. Originality and Uniqueness:
We encourage unique perspectives on Bitcoin-related subjects, so make sure to avoid rehashing old outdated topics and rather strive to bringing fresh, new insights into the Bitcoin community. Submissions must also be 100% original as no plagiarized content will be accepted by our team. Please also ensure you’re correctly citing and referencing any and all external sources you mention in your content.


3. Writing Style and Tone:
Write in a clear, engaging, and accessible manner that aims to make complex Bitcoin concepts understandable to a broad audience. Make sure to also maintain a professional and respectful tone (while we appreciate diverse opinions, we discourage inflammatory language and personal attacks on other individuals and protocols).


4. Length and Formatting:
Be concise and to the point. Aim for a word count of between 600 and 1,500 words total and break down your content with descriptive subheadings to enhance readability for the target audience. Also use bullet points and lists wherever possible and to enhance clarity when presenting lots of information at once.


5. Graphics and Media:
If applicable, include relevant images, memes, and charts to complement your content, but ensure you have the relevant rights to use any images submitted (provide proper attribution when necessary).


6. Author Bio and Promotion:
Include a brief author bio (maximum 30 words) along with a link to your Twitter (or “X”), LinkedIn, and (if applicable) Nostr accounts. We do not accept the inclusion of any promotional content ( images, backlinks or other related content) in our guest posts, so save any such language or media specifically for your author bio.


Once the above guidelines are met, our editorial team will provide one round of revisions and any other necessary edits. If there are any outstanding edits or changes, we reserve the right to not publish the article.


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