Set Up A Nostr Relay Server In Under 5 Minutes

Nostr Setup Guide

This article was originally published by André Neves on This is a quickstart guide for those that wish to run a Nostr Relay. There are tens of relay server options and implementations, but to keep things simple for newcomers to the network, I’m using the friendly `nostream` built in TypeScript and packaged as a Docker […]

CoinJoin: Compare All Implementations 2023

Navigating CoinJoin

It is obvious that no one agrees on “how to do CoinJoins right” and how to best optimize user privacy with block space efficiency on the Bitcoin network. In this article we will look at all the different Coinjoin implementations and help you find the right option for your needs. This article was originally published […]

What Are Change Addresses In Bitcoin And How Do They Work?

Lightning vs CoinJOin

You might have heard of change addresses and wonder what it means for your Bitcoin transaction. In this guide we will explain what are change addresses are. Change addresses are a feature of Bitcoin that allow users to transact using exact amounts, even if the transaction isn’t the total amount of the output being spent. […]

How To Setup LNbits Instance On Your Own Machine In 10 Minutes

Ben Arc LnBits

This article was originally published by DarthCoin on substack I’ve seen lately many people that want to start play with LNbits. And many are noobs in running nodes, or don’t have already channels open, their nodes are not well prepared, running behind Tor etc. So here is a quick guide how to install, configure and […]

Privacy Coins vs Bitcoin Privacy Tools, What’s Better?

Bitcoin Privacy Tools

Written by Keegan Francis Sending bitcoin is easy nowadays. Just scan a QR code or enter the receiving address, press send and you’re done. But how private is sending bitcoin? And more importantly, what is better, native bitcoin privacy tools such as CoinJoin or independent privacy coins such as Monero or Zcash? There are tradeoffs […]

Where To Spend Bitcoin – Top 10 Websites 2022

bitcoin accepted here

Bitcoin has grown in popularity among, savers, traders and investors since its inception in 2009. But what can you actually buy with bitcoin? Bitcoin acceptance as a method of payment for everyday goods and services is naturally slower than its use as a store of value. People like to keep their bitcoin as they expect […]

The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin now on Bitcoin News Youtube channel

The great reset and the rise of bitcoin

The bitcoin documentary film “The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin” can now be watched on the Bitcoin News Youtube channel. We are proud to present “The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin” to our readers and followers. Director and producer Pierre Corbin has shared detailed background information with Bitcoin News already in […]

69 Sources Why Bitcoin Will Eat The World

bitcoin architecture

Wealth is a complex topic that most people avoid dwelling on altogether. The vast majority of US citizens slowly grind at their 9–5 until they can retire, if ever. Some of them can earn enough to buy a family home, maybe squeeze in a rental property as well, and even less start a small business. […]

The Complete List of Lightning Wallets

list of best lightning wallets

Want to send a tip as fast as possible? Try Wallet of Satoshi Getting started with Lightning is easier than ever. There is a great variety of wallets to chose from. In this list you can find the right wallet that suits your needs. If you want maximum security and control, you can choose a […]

Money at risk as Exchanges might sell your Collaterlized Bitcoin twice

exchanges bitcoin

Exchanges could be selling your Bitcoin if you stake it on their platforms according to analyst Rufas Kamau. Research and Markets analyst for Scope Markets Kenya, Kamau of Scope explains why having Bitcoin on an exchange affects its value. Kamau thinks buying Bitcoin on exchanges is buying an “I owe you,” or “paper Bitcoin.” The […]