Hodl As A Hobby: New Startup Set To Change Finance Forever

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21bitcoin is the newest app to allow users purchase bitcoin easily and swiftly and jump onto the bandwagon.

HODL, HODL, HODL, hold on for dear life is is believed by Bitcoin fans to be the most successful strategy to deal with the new asset class.

Now, a fresh app has come around to make it all easy and convenient. 21bitcoin is the brand of a new onramp app that recently debuted.

The app is built by a young team of two, headquartered in Salzburg, Austria. The product promise is simple and concise. “The easiest way to invest in bitcoin. From your dashboard four taps is all it takes to buy your first sats or even a whole bitcoin. Cheaper than anywhere else: We only charge a fee of 0,49%. No strings attached. First-class support that is always there for you and answers your questions,” reads the website. With the market maturing, having great support and a better deal on fees is the key to success and to customers hearts.

The new venture is working together with BitGo and Onfido as partners to outsource custody and verification and is waiting for its license approval. The founders hope to launch this year but are already busy building up their marketing channels through Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

“Bitcoin is still a relatively small and young asset class and as a new technology, unlike gold, stocks, bonds and real estate, is not yet fundamentally understood by many investors,” explains Daniel Winklhammer, brand CEO and cofounder on a LinkedIn comment regarding recent market volatility. Bitcoin is indeed still very volatile, so why does 21bitcoin believe people would want to get into such risk? For Mr. Winklhammer, it’s not a question as he believes that bitcoin won’t go away but will instead continue to grow. He is convinced that most people join bitcoin for the money and then stay for the revolution.

“Focus on the positive and don’t waste your precious time on closed-minded people. Everyone buys bitcoin at the price they deserve,” he tweets. Probably enough to say about it.

To learn more about 21bitcoin and join the waitlist visit 21bitcoin.app

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