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German hotel “Princess” hosts Bitcoin conference with Knut Svanholm and Prince Fillip of Serbia

Knut Svanholm Prince of Serbia

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German boutique hotel “Princess” hosts Bitcoin conference with Knut Svanholm and Prince Fillip of Serbia.

From April 28th to May 1st, the Bitcoin Hotel Princess in Plochingen near Stuttgart, Germany, hosted around 150 Bitcoin enthusiasts for an unforgettable weekend.

The event provides a platform for attendees to transact, socialize, and learn about the latest Bitcoin-related developments.

Upon arriving at the entrance, a large poster promoting “Bitcoin im Ländle” immediately catches the eye.

The hotel’s interior is stylishly furnished, with numerous details in the typical orange color of Bitcoin. From the lightning jukebox to the Bitcoin vending machine and even a punch set to engrave attendees’ seed words in metal, the hotel is full of exciting and unique features related to Bitcoin.

The outdoor tent is equipped with a heater made from Bitcoin miners, which runs quietly in the background during workshops, thanks to the low fan speed of the two S9 miners.

The event is characterized by a variety of discussions, presentations, and workshops, covering everything from the current state of nation-state adoption to Bitcoin entrepreneurship and the future of banking.

Speakers such as Knut Svanholm, Prince Fillip of Serbia, Tor Ekeland are among the headlines. But many Germans are into Bitcoin and have dedicated hours of research to Bitcoin.
And we all know about the German level of detail and perfectionism. If they dig into Bitcoin, you bet they go deep.

German Bitcoiners that are lesser known are people like Mathias Linkerhand who presents a talk about the Bitcoin white paper, Jens Leinert who presents on Lightning and Leo Mattes with a keynote on Memes.

By the way all attendees have the opportunity to assemble and set up an LNPoS (Lightning Point of Sale) themselves. Throughout the event, attendees purchase beer using Bitcoin through a beertab provided by Copiaro.

One of the highlights of the event is the presence of a TV team, which is producing a segment on the conference for German television.

On Saturday morning, attendees are delighted to discover that the baker named “Lutze” worked through the night to prepare Bitcoin pretzels for breakfast.

Many Bitcoiners quickly turn into food influencers and flooded Twitter with images of the delicious baked goods.

While the conference was fully sold out, the organizers opened up the last day for those who were not able to secure a ticket.

As the last day approaches, attendees are invited to join the largest “Pleb Walk” in to date, enjoying a hike in nature together.

Overall, “Bitcoin im Ländle” is a fantastic event, offering attendees a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and discuss latest developments in Bitcoin.

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