Rainforest Foundation, a New York based non-profit organization founded in 1987, is looking for the support of blockchain technology and the crypto community to fight the Amazonian forest fires. 

In spite of the fact that the Rainforest Foundation had its own cryptocurrency, namely, BitSeeds, they are reaching out to the crypto community to elevate and exemplify their impact in South America.

Suzzane Pelletier, the Executive Head of the Rainforest Foundation said:

“Business as usual has gotten us to this point. Philanthropy as usual won’t get us out. We need innovative solutions, and no one is more innovative than cryptocurrency users.” 

The Rainforest Foundation highlighted the fact that deforestation in South America has increased by 75% and the Amazonian forest fires have doubled this year. They, therefore, are working with The Green Network seeking the help of the crypto community, for a donation of about USD 100 Million, to fight the devastation in the Amazon forests. 

The foundation is using blockchain technology to give its donors transparency to see how their funds are being used. Apart from this, the foundation is looking towards using smart contracts to prevent illegal logging, land clearing and gold mining. The foundation accepts donations in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other crypto. 

The foundation on its website says,

“Today, we are developing a blockchain transparency pilot with Regen Network, allowing donors to track our work in the Amazon Rainforest and reward local communities who are protecting their forests with crypto. We have long been a part of the crypto team but now we need you on our team.”


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