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How to buy Bitcoin in Russia

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We listed 11 ways to buy bitcoin in Russia. Whether you are Russian native or just stranded there. You might experience a severe currency crisis. Banks are out of cash, cards are not working and even swiss bank accounts are frozen. And to make it worse, the Rubel is in free fall. Is now the time to look into bitcoin? We think it was yesterday, but today is definitely not to late. To buy bitcoin in Russia is not the easiest of all things and we help this quick guide helps.

In times of Crisis, getting bitcoin might be hard. You are best advised to find someone you really trust to help you. It could be a family member abroad or a long trusted friend or business partner. Be aware that there are many scams and pitfalls out there. Don’t do things rushed, even if you’re under enormous pressure. So how to buy bitcoin in Russia, you may wonder?

Below we listed a few options that you can try. You can buy bitcoin in Russia from a bitcoin ATM, a P2P exchange or a centralized exchange. We haven’t tested all of them and cannot guarantee they work for you. It is always a very individual thing and depends on your bank, or whether you prefer to buy cash.

1. CointATMradar
2. Localcryptos
3. Paxful
4. Bisq
5. HodlHodl
7. Kraken
10. Okcoin
11. Bittrex

For Beginners

As mentioned earlier, your own safety and the safety of your money have upmost priority when you buy bitcoin. If you are a bloody beginner and want to buy bitcoin, there are a few things to know before getting started. You should not be scared but don’t be naive either. The biggest mistakes happen when you don’t do proper research beforehand. Always have a little bit of distrust makes sense especially in times of crisis.

If you are looking to buy bitcoin in Russia now, you will not be alone. Many other people are looking to solve the same problem. How to convert Rubel into Bitcoin. This makes it very attractive to scammers to try and get your money. Therefore, take enough time and learn about all the details. Once you have a little more experience with bitcoin, things will get easier and you will feel much more confident when buying bitcoin. Right now, you might feel a little helpless as when it is your first time. Don’t worry we all had that same experience with our first bitcoin purchase.

Ideally you can find someone to help you with your crypto purchase who you trust. It could be a family member abroad or a long trusted friend or business partner. Be aware that there are many scams and pitfalls out there. Don’t do things rushed, even if you’re under enormous pressure.

To begin with, you need a Wallet. We recommend Greenwallet from Blockstream or Since those are mobile wallets, don’t load your entire lifesavings on them. For that, most experts advise to use a hardware wallet such as Trezor.

Please make sure to have at least one backup of the seedphrase or better two. The location of storage must be very safe as well. If you don’t have a backup, your bitcoin can be lost forever without any possible way on earth to restore them should your wallet be lost.

Once you have a bitcoin wallet address, you can go ahead and purchase bitcoin. Whether you send money to a registered bitcoin exchange or prefer a more private way with a cash transaction is up to you. With a regulated exchange you will have to upload your ID documents and your coins could be tracked. With a private cash transaction your money is theoretically less exposed to these kind of risks. But therefore you have to deal with other risks, such as carrying cash around and meeting someone in person.

You can also try and find a Bitcoin ATM near you to see if you can easily buy bitcoin there.

We hope you find the right option can manage to safely buy bitcoin in Russia.

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