• IBM has patented a system which integrates blockchain and IoT to detect if a drone steals a package

Major shipping companies like Amazon, DHL, and FedEx have been developing drones that deliver packages, in order to cut down on delivery costs and time. However, IBM thinks drones may be used by criminals to steal packages, especially considering the increasing levels of packages being shipped through e-commerce and the increasing number of people who have drones, and has patented technology which integrates blockchain and the internet of things (IoT) to stop thieves who use drones to steal packages.

This new system will work by placing an IoT sensor on a package, and if the altitude of the package exceeds a certain threshold, then the IoT sensor will begin downloading data into the blockchain to show how high the drone is. The intended recipient of the package will then receive a notification that their package has been stolen by a drone. The package recipient can then presumably call the police to report the incident, as well as the merchant and the shipping company which delivered the goods.

It is unclear if IBM will be deploying this system anytime in the near future, but it is certainly a clever use of blockchain and IoT.

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