Indian Teenager Finds Californian Buyer for Crypto App

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Indian teenager Hashita Arora, just 16 years of age, has received an offer from a Californian blockchain investment firm for her home-developed tracking app.

Hashita has gained worldwide attention as a result of her success with the app, one of many young people making an impact around the globe within the crypto community. Despite her meagre years, she has attracted the attention of Californian-based blockchain investment firm Redwood City Ventures.

The app is a popular iOS application used to track crypto prices. It helps retail investors to monitor prices of more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies across about 20 exchanges and in 32 fiat currencies, in ten languages. Launched in late January in Hashita’s hometown north of New Dehli, the application soared to the top of the app store charts in 24 hours.

Hashita received racist hate mail and misogynistic attacks online from people doubting the origins of the new app and casting doubts on her ability to invent the technology. The young Indian national originally studied in the US at an MIT summer programme and is currently applying for work in the country through a program currently offering visas to foreigners with exceptional abilities. Talking about her earlier experiences online, she commented, “I learned that the online world can be cruel. But I feel I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I love startup culture.”

She said that she was delighted to be a part of the Redwood City Ventures team and looks for support in the development of other ideas and products.

Home-educated Hashita had been learning about coding and digital design since the age of 13. She went on to learn about cryptocurrencies in a tech magazine and quickly became passionate about the subject, realizing an opportunity existed to use her skills to develop a help app.

It was Redwood City Ventures founder, Sean Walsh, who eventually discovered Harshita after posting a cryptocurrency app advertisement on LinkedIn. On meeting Harshita, Walsh was impressed with her maturity and intelligence, realizing she had designed an app that would be both useful and could be marketed at a good price.

The young Indian’s next venture is to plan to use the money earned from her app to improve her education. She then plans to move to Silicon Valley.


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