Powell Destroys Credibility, Says Inflation is Forever

Powell Destroys Credibility

Jerome Powell, the 16th chair of the United States Federal Reserve, said in a recent statement that sky-high inflation might become permanent. This is in sharp contrast, a full 180 degree pivot, to the statement that he gave a year ago claiming that inflation would be transitory. Despite multiple interest rate hikes, the US economy […]

Putin Moving to Commodity, Bitcoin Backed Currency

Putin Moves to Commodity Currency

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a speech recently with massive implications for Bitcoin adoption. In the speech he stated that the “very principles of the global economic system have taken a blow.” Putin criticized western money printing and postured that Russia is moving to alternative stores of value with commodities and potentially Bitcoin (BTC). “Fundamental […]

$30 Trillion U.S. Debt Spiral Could Spill Over to Bitcoin

US Debt Jerome Powell

The U.S. debt is higher than ever. Could a default scenario be beneficial for bitcoin? Because the U.S. dollar is the world’s reserve currency, it’s critical to comprehend the consequences of the U.S. debt crisis for the global financial system’s survival. Furthermore, while everyone is concerned about the highest inflation rate since 1981 (8.6% in […]

Bank Of America: More People Plan To Buy Bitcoin In 2022

bank of america

A recent Bank Of America survey concludes that 90% of respondents plan to buy bitcoin by 2022. Bitcoin is still in its early days when we look at the adoption around the world. But according to a new that was conducted by Bank Of America, it is seen as an investment opportunity the vast majority […]

Cash Could Be Extinct By 2030

Cash Bitcoin

The World Trade Organization’s (WTO) “Great Reset” program proposes creating a new social contract that respects the dignity of all people and does not include private property ownership. To quote WTO, You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy. World Trade Organization Surprisingly, it won’t be that everyone (governments, corporate organizations, 1%, etc.) will own nothing; rather, it […]

The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin now on Bitcoin News Youtube channel

The great reset and the rise of bitcoin

The bitcoin documentary film “The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin” can now be watched on the Bitcoin News Youtube channel. We are proud to present “The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin” to our readers and followers. Director and producer Pierre Corbin has shared detailed background information with Bitcoin News already in […]

New Book Debunks Central Banking

Saifedean Ammous The Fiat Standard

Saifedean Ammous, author of “The Bitcoin Standard”, goes in detail how the central bank destroys the planet with his next book. The new bestseller with the title “The Fiat Standard” is taking the bitcoin community by storm. The Fiat Standard is Saifedean Ammous’s attempt to explain the technology behind the current analog global monetary system. […]

Christine Lagarde shrugs at rising costs and energy crisis affecting EU citizens, remains clueless that Bitcoin fixes this

lagarde inflation ppi

Despite multi-decade high inflation and an energy crisis, European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde dismisses ideas of recession. Lagarde states that the European Central Bank won’t hurry into withdrawing monetary assistance as policymakers take action to limit inflation that is running at over four times their targeted 2%. “I don’t think that we’re in a […]

El Salvador is buying more Bitcoin amidst downtrend

El Salvador Bitcoin President Bukele

While bitcoin holders currently need nerves of steel, the recent price correction does not seem to have changed El Salvador’s Bitcoin strategy. Instead, President Nayib Bukele announced that the country has once again loaded up on the next reserve currency. As recently as 14 January, Bukele had expressed his annoyance on Twitter that he had […]

Buckle up, the first week of May was a roller coaster for Bitcoin

bitcoin week recap

The month of May kicked off with some significant Bitcoin Price fluctuations. The week ended with BTC trading near the $34,000 USD mark, close to this year’s previous low price of approximately $33,000 USD in January. Bitcoin Twitter is celebrating the cheap price for Sats. Uncertainty is around, but not doubt: Perhaps part of the […]