Invisible But Widespread: CEOs Call for Blockchain Tech to Speak for Itself

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It appears that many blockchain company CEOs want to see less talk and more action when it comes to development within the industry, and some of that is happening right now, but largely unseen by consumers.

What many CEOs are seeking is the invisible approach; blockchain becoming so widely adopted and so useful that users are not even aware they are using it. Such is the view of Ambrosus CEO Vlad Trifa, whose company supplies sensors used within the blockchain industry.

Such sensors, when added to products on the supply chain, ensure such goods are the genuine article. Trifa maintains that customers are willing to pay for information relating to origins and production. He argues the case using whiskey as an example:

“With blockchain, you should be able to identify that you’re drinking bottle 49 of the ABC batch, and by being able to prove that the shipment has not been tampered with, you can charge a higher price for the product… If you’re a bad producer then you don’t want that data to be transparent and that’s the problem we’re trying to solve in the first place.”

CEO and marketing guru David Wachsman of Wachsman PR, argues: “The fact is that blockchain is useful, except you shouldn’t have to know that you’re using blockchain to use it.” Many consumers are largely unaware of major companies such as Apple and Amazon and even Facebook using blockchain technology, Wachsman maintains.’s new MCO Visa card is a case in point. CEO Kris Marszalek points out that blockchain use is everywhere, but not necessarily noticed as such by consumers. He maintains that the MCO fee-free card is a case in point, allowing benefits and reductions connected with major companies such as Spotify, Netflix, Airbnb and Expedia. Mark Zuckerberg has recently discussed the consequences of using blockchain technology for authorization of user data on Facebook.

Waschman again, talking from the Token2049 conference in Hong Kong, maintaining that the space is growing with much of the hype is gone, sums it up: “If you want actual mass adoption, and you want the technology to be used by more people than just in this conference, then we need to simply become invisible.”


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