IT Sector Faces Dearth of Blockchain Professionals

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The latest job market report has revealed that there is still a shortage of blockchain professionals in the IT sector.

The report by management consulting firm Janco Associates shows that the IT industry is actively searching for professionals with blockchain skills, and the rewards are significant for successful applicants, with developers commanding salaries between US 119,000 to US 176,000.

Janco Associates CEO M Victor Janulaitis said that 20,600 new IT jobs had been created in the first three months of 2019 and “market is tight”, adding:

“There is a skills shortage, some projects are missing key early benchmark dates due to lack of staffing. Many blockchain and ERP positions remain unfilled and some organizations are seeing an increase in attrition rates for those positions.”

Janulaitis sees 96,000 new IT jobs being created this year with blockchain representing from 5% to 8% of them. Compared to 2018 with job opportunities for those with blockchain skills reaching 12,006, this represents a growth rate of 316%.

Software engineers now earn an average of USD 137,000, according to Mehul Patel, CEO of the job search site Hired, but even so, finding staff is a challenge. He observed, “Everyone is concerned that as they fill positions the individuals are qualified and will remain with them for some time.”

Arun Ghosh, KPMG’s US blockchain leader, says that blockchain business is booming with jobs across the board: “…from entry all the way to blockchain architect with 10 years’ experience. I can’t give out specific numbers, but suffice it to say [job listings] are in the double digits across all the regions.”

For those thinking it may be time to tap into the glut of blockchain positions and put their skills to the test, the top skills for blockchain developers include Solidity (a programming language for creating smart contracts); Ethereum, cryptocurrency development, and Node.js (a JavaScript used to write command line tools on blockchain nodes or servers).


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