Jack Dorsey is no longer CEO of the company Block embraces “Block Head” as new title

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Jack Dorsey, one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and tech savvy CEO’s, has decided to use “Block Head” as his new title atop the company Block.

In my public school days, a Block Head was a derogatory name used to belittle the academically challenged in public school. (Kids can often be quite mean, I admit!)• If one checks the Merriam Webster dictionary for the meaning of Blockhead, you will find it to be a rather disparaging name to call someone, or for that matter, to call oneself. 

So why then would a regulatory disclosure Friday from digital payments company Block Inc. say that its co-founder Dorsey is changing his role from Block’s CEO, president and chairperson to “Block Head and Chairperson,” effective immediately.”

And why would his fellow Tech Savvy CEO, Elon Musk, now the owner of Twitter itself, tweet his approval of Jack’s new title with flames of fire? What’s so hot?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will no doubt be aware of all the press, both positive and negative, that Twitter generates, both on its own platform, as well as on other social media and main media channels. 

It was just four short months ago, with much fanfare, and press coverage that Jack Dorsey resigned from Twitter as CEO on November 29th, 2021, that was effective immediately.  

Then just 2 days later on December 1, 2021, CEO Jack Dorsey officially changed the name of the Square platform to Block, Inc. This was due in large part to his interest in the blockchain as well as this new name encompassing the various businesses better than the former name, which was mostly associated with its merchant-payment services.

Jack had previously announced that at least one major reason to step down from Twitter, was to turn his full attention to all things Blockchain,  such as  his company’s Bitcoin marketing Cash App, developing a Crypto Wallet, as well as potential plans to enter Bitcoin mining.  

He seems to be fully focused on the Bitcoin blockchain primarily, as seen in his recent Tweet from April 18, 2022: ‘if you’re building on ETH you have at least one, if not many, single points of failure and therefore not interesting to me.’  

What was left unmentioned, but very obvious to all in crypto land, is that Bitcoin on the other hand, does not have any ‘single point of failure’. 

We will probably never know the full reasons for Jack’s resignation from Twitter, as many rumors abound. But one thing for sure is that with his new focus and new title, he is committed to bitcoin and lightning.

Will Blockheads become a new name for Jack Dorsey’s followers? “Hi, my name is Joe and I’m a Blockhead? Or for programmers? Or more generally for people of the Blockchain?

In any event, this new title has not gone unnoticed. 

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