Jack Dorsey Mining Bitcoin “Hydropowered Solo”

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Jack Dorsey Mining

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Jack Dorsey, esteemed ex-CEO of Twitter, is mining bitcoin in his home. 

On January 25th, Dorsey tweeted this video.

It seems Dorsey has been using his time wisely since leaving Twitter. But what compelled him to fire up a miner of his own?

During an interview at MicroStrategy’s recent event, “Bitcoin for Corporations”, Dorsey explained the beauty of Bitcoin mining: “You know, I just fired up an Antminer in my house, and it’s just chugging away, sending all this bitcoin to Slush Pool which then sends it to my Muun wallet, and I can take my Muun wallet and I can go out, and I can buy a taco.”

“The fact that I am able to do that, it’s incredible.”

A Twitter user named Croesus said it best:

Plugging in a supercomputer and converting electrical energy into a taco is nothing short of revolutionary. In this context, the description of Bitcoin as “magic internet money” seems especially poignant.

The fact that Bitcoin has reinvigorated such an influential CEO is a testament to the principles of the technology. Truth, freedom, and transparency are the forces built into the Bitcoin protocol that continue to attract the brightest, most optimistic minds. 

In the interview, Dorsey went on to say, “Bitcoin is a reminder of the early internet, it’s extremely principled, open-source, transparent, with no single leader or creator. The execution and operation has been consistent and unchallenged. More than anything else it’s transparent. There is a way to build for the internet that is trusted, open and inclusive. We don’t typically see that in the corporate world.”

What will Jack do with all his newly mined satoshis? Only time will tell.

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