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Jack Dorsey is no longer following Justin Trudeau on Twitter

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it might not be seen as a very significant event but it is noteworthy enough as it represents a bigger trend. A few weeks ago Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter and now CEO of Block un-followed Justin Trudeau on Twitter.

Jack, founder of Twitter has created the very system that allows anyone to see someone’s followership and following. Now it was revealed that Jack (@jack) has no interest seeing tweets of Canada’s prime minister or maintaining a Twitter connection.

For instance, Jeff Bezos founder and ceo of Amazon had only followed one person, his ex-wife. But his followers are in the millions.

Social media can reveal a lot about someone’s state of mind, personality or situation. Let’s not get too deep into the gossip (oops, it might already be to late), but we can all agree that these small details can tell a whole story.

So what could be the reasons that Jack Dorsey decided to press the follow button a second time on Justin Trudeau’s Twitter profile? Unfollowing is the peaceful version of blocking because you can still see the other person’s posts if someone else retweets it. However, Twitter also allows to ‘mute’ a profile if you don’t like to unfollow. Muting means you won’t see any posts from that person although you still follow him.

Is unfollowing similar to quitting friendship? Justin and Jack probably have met and talked as all governments maintain relationships with the social media giants of our days. They might even have gotten along well as they are of similar age, Jack being five years younger than Justin.

We don’t know the true reasoning and motivation behind the virtual break-up. It could be a loss of mutual interests, a severe falling-out, a simple re-assessment of focus, a cleaning of the profile or a statement to the world.

But imagine this. We have sacrificed Capitalism for Corporatism and have given more and more power to politicians and corporate leaders. Corporate leaders use the political class to make money and vice-versa. Corporate and governmental influence and power is oversize and over-due to be shrinked back.

If the private sector sticks to the private sector and governance focuses on their core duties of protection and safety, the world would be less corrupt and likely more productive. Jack Dorsey is a hero for many as he has turned away from his corporate job to focus fully on Bitcoin.

We would like to conclude that the incident is small but symbolic. It reflects a trend. Politicians aren’t half as interesting as bitcoiners and if everyone would just unfollow every politician, the world would be a much better place before tomorrow.

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