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The Juan Galt Show can be your starting point in Bitcoin. And it can be your show-for-a-lifetime. Because TJGS is not your usual Bitcoin show!

“If you decide to join, you might stay forever because it’s that good.”

Become part of an uplifting, inspiring and enlightening show format, full of creativity, humor and big thoughts that go well beyond just Bitcoin.

About This Show

Juan Galt guides you through the big ideas around Bitcoin with easy explanations, eye-opening examples and food- for thought. Gain deep insight with each show and stimulate your own curiosity.

On each episode one expert will share perspectives about the key topics in Bitcoin, culture, politics and technology.

Past guests include renown security expert Jameson Lopp, economist Prof Peter StOnge, entrepreneur Aleks Svetski, Bitcoin meme-lord YELLOW and many more.

So… WHO IS JUAN GALT? You may ask

About Juan Galt

Philosopher, Artist, Bitcoiner, Journalist. Juan Galt is versatile, open-minded and committed to truth and human enlightenment. He runs his own media company and was a protagonist in the HBO show “The Anarchists”.

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Past Guests


Andrew J Howard

Jameson Lopp

Prof Peter St Onge

Tone Vays

Aleks Svetski

Tuur Demesteer

Pete Rizzo

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