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La Bitcoineta “Bitmobile”: How Bitcoin Activists Are Pushing for Awareness Across Argentina

La Bitcoineta "Bitmobile": How Bitcoin Activists Are Pushing for Awareness Across Argentina

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A group of individuals based in Argentina have taken it upon themselves to liberate with and educate the population of their country on Bitcoin, with the hopes of aiding sustainable economic growth via the possibilities of Bitcoin and the ensuing fintech sector.

The group has managed to create a fun, unique way of spreading the message, traveling in a veritable “Bitmobile”. Pictured below is La Bitcoineta, their stylized Bitcoin education van that has taken them across the cities and towns of Argentina. The name is a play on the words “Bitcoin” and “furgoneta“, the latter the Spanish word for van.

They described their objective to Bitcoin News as an ”initiative to generate bridges between those who are developing the technologies that will change the world and the different productive, social, cultural, and economic ecosystems”.

The individuals in the team shared their understanding that firsthand projects can inspire new solutions, or benefit from existing technologies. They also made several startling discoveries along their journey, finding that Bitcoin advocates and users existed even in smaller cities despite a lack of widespread adoption.

Smaller communities lacked general Bitcoin awareness

Speaking to Bitcoin News, a spokesperson for La Bitcoineta described a striking lack of awareness surrounding Bitcoin and blockchain technology in the smaller communities that they visited. Consequently, this meant that much time in these locations was spent devoted to explaining these concepts to the locals from scratch, basic education being the first step for these individuals to enter the market.

Their efforts were welcomingly received; the spokesperson said, “Everybody is open to the new concept and enjoys us going there.”

Bitcoin has started to make its mark in Argentina

Somewhat surprisingly, nearly all of the smaller cities that were visited had some individuals who were knowledgeable on the subject, indicating the vast reach of Bitcoin internationally. These knowledgeable “Bitcoiners”, as the travelers described them, shared enormous gratitude towards the team for taking the time to visit and share their knowledge with their hometown.

Is local media the answer?

The team told Bitcoin News that they have received an exponential amount of national media traction during their journey so far, with feedback for their work largely positive. They noted local media as a powerful tool in aiding their cause. Frequently, La Bitcoineta would make headlines in the local newspapers and their online outlets, helping develop the regional conversation around Bitcoin and blockchain. The irony was not lost that such a traditional, established media form would come to aid this reformist cause.

Challenges and successes

The team behind La Bitcoineta see the greatest possible results of their tour as driving crypto-related change in communities that would benefit this the most, particularly in areas where the individual’s efforts could be monetized or reach international markets. Through their talks, they hope to create an impact on the local fintech sector, inspiring projects, changes and pushing for a less bureaucratic government.
The biggest challenge they have faced in reaching this goal has been their ability to reach and connect with the right people. While the team has been considerably active in pushing their agenda, reaching government decision makers themselves and identifying the communities that they could positively impact the most has presented the greatest test.
Despite La Bitcoineta’s Bitcoin positivity, those behind the objective do not see it as likely, nor are they pushing for Bitcoin to be adopted as a regular payment system. This is only considered by themselves as a likely option if merchant outlets themselves incentivize cryptocurrency spending through a discounted alternative to fiat.
Instead, the biggest fruitful challenge they see is pursuing Bitcoin to be a globally-recognized store of value and a better alternative medium of exchange. The impending struggle against banks and governments is their biggest concern for reaching this, but they are confident the cryptocurrency-driven change they envision will be achieved.

As Bitcoin’s popularity and user base continue to grow, companies involved with the cryptocurrency are progressing from merely providing the infrastructure needed such as wallets and exchanges, to providing sophisticated services such as healthcare or gaming applications. With an innovative fintech sector emerging to service the cryptocurrency market, financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs have begun turning their heads, offering Bitcoin ventures such as futures trading or cryptocurrency hedge fund management.

The Bitcoin market cap at the time of press stands at USD 107 billion; this significant sector still lacks international understanding, trust, and mainstream accessibility.

La Bitcoineta’s journey can be followed on both Twitter and Facebook.


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Images Courtesy: La Bitcoineta

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