LibertyCon Hosts Pro-Freedom Event in Prague

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LibertyCon-Europe is the largest pro-liberty gathering in Europe aimed to educate and empower liberty-minded individuals around a shared vision of a “freer future.”

The event will be hosted at the Cubex Centre, consisting of keynote sessions, panel discussions, various debates, and Liberty Fair. On April 24, the conference will transform into the festival at Radlická Kulturní Sportovna, capturing film screenings, games, open discussions, and a great networking opportunity.

We sat down with Tamar Tarsaidze, organizing this year’s LibertyCon and asked her about the event

Tell us about yourself, how did you grow up, how did you get interested in the libertarian idea?

I was 17 years old when I heard about the Tbilisi Regional Conference – a local event hosted by Students For Liberty. I attended the event and heard talks by international speakers about the idea of liberty for the first time. 

Shortly, I decided to apply for the Local Coordinator Program run by Students For Liberty and started organizing events and learning more about libertarianism. 

How has the libertarian philosophy impacted your life?

Libertarianism has had a significant impact on my life – Within the last years, I have become way more independent, confident, and appreciative of others’ opinions and lifestyles. 

Why does LibertyCon matter to you?

LibertyCon Europe is set to foster open-minded discussions about the most important current issues that the world faces, and to build connections between pro-liberty individuals and organizations. 

Ever since the pandemic, it’s been very complicated for the pro-liberty movement in Europe to gather, exchange ideas and new approaches, and discuss the biggest threats to liberty over the continent. 

It will be the first and the largest pro-liberty gathering in Europe since restrictions were raised worldwide, giving a great chance for our community of Europe to gather together again.

Organizing an event can be stressful; how are you tackling it?

LibertyCon is being organized by a great team of Students For Liberty. We have a lot of trust in each other, which helps in the process of organizing such a huge even.

Why did you and your team choose Prague again after Madrid hosted the event in 2020?

Prague is the true heart of Europe. Besides the city’s beautiful architecture and fantastic cuisine, Prague has an amazing libertarian community. We have organized two LibertyCons here previously, hosting over 900 attendees.

Also, one of the main topics we will cover at LibertyCon is Bitcoin, which is so popular in town!

Can you describe the experience for someone who hasn’t attended?

LibertyCon is truly an event for the entire pro-liberty movement in Europe. The event creates strong bonds and is an amazing opportunity for networking. You can find everything here – keynote sessions by international speakers, debates, panel discussions by crypto companies, an exhibition of pro-liberty organizations from all around the world (Liberty Fair), films, music, dances,  local food, and of course – the Czech beer.

If I would like to attend, are there any requirements? What’s the dresscode like, smart-casual?

You should register for the event in advance at and be eligible to enter the country, which can be checked here –

As for the dress code, we encourage everyone to dress in business or business casual attire at the conference on April 23. There will be no dress code at the festival on April 24.

Many people will wonder, what are the corona requirements for entering Czech Republic and the event?

Requirements for entering the Czech Republic depend on various aspects, including the country you are coming from, vaccination status, etc. 

More information can be found here:

Who can I connect with at the event?

You can connect with hundreds of liberty-lovers from all around the world – people from over 45 countries will attend the event. LibertyCon will host local and international high-profile speakers and over 30 Students For Liberty’s partners.

Many people see a huge overlapping of the libertarian idea and the bitcoin movement, what kind of Bitcoin panels are planned?

We have planned keynote and breakout sessions regarding: Bitcoin Revolution, Tips and Trips for Bitcoin Trading, etc., hosting local and international speakers, including Stephan Livera, Josef Tetek, Dominik Stroukal, Leon Siegmund, etc.

Are you still looking for sponsors? What’s the ideal sponsor?

Absolutely! We are very excited to form new partnerships for LibertyCon.

We offer our partners various opportunities to connect with young people in Europe, build relationships with like-minded organizations, and gain positive media attention by being a part of the biggest pro-liberty event in Europe.

The ideal sponsor would respect our goal – fighting for a freer future. 

More information about partnership opportunities can be found here:

What are the top 3 reasons to attend?

Connect with the pro-liberty movement of Europe, meet amazing speakers, and create the best memories with old and new friends!

Tell us more about the speaker lineup!

Our speakers include outstanding academics from the liberty movement, writers, Bitcoin enthusiasts, anarcho-capitalists. 

The speakers include David Friedman, Stephan Livera, Dominik Stroukal, Li Schoolland, Steve Davies, and many more! The information about speakers can be found on our website:

LibertyCon has evolved and grown a lot, what past successes are you most inspired by?

LibertyCon is the largest pro-liberty event in Europe, which has previously hosted over 900 attendees and remarkable speakers, including Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Lawrence Reed, and many more. The previous experience has proven that the event has a significant impact on promoting the idea of liberty over the continent and creates strong bonds, finally resulting in a stronger movement with important goals and missions.

What are you most excited about for this years event?

This year’s LibertyCon will be held with a change in concept – it’s the first time we will host a festival, which is so exciting for us! We will have various open discussions, comedy, film screenings, food courts, live and electronic music. 

I am also very excited about the Bitcoin sessions and organizations that will present various Bitcoin ATMs and wallets at the exhibition.

What is the ticket price and do you accept Bitcoin payments?

Early bird tickets are available for a limited time for 10 Euros. 

The price of a VIP ticket is 100 Euros, which includes an invitation to Liberty Dinner hosting speakers and partners of LibertyCon. 

Of course, we accept payments through Bitcoin! You can register here:

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