CoinJoin: Compare All Implementations 2023

Navigating CoinJoin

It is obvious that no one agrees on “how to do CoinJoins right” and how to best optimize user privacy with block space efficiency on the Bitcoin network. In this article we will look at all the different Coinjoin implementations and help you find the right option for your needs. This article was originally published […]

Bitcoin Is The New Meme Machine

bitcoin meme machine

Sound money like Bitcoin facilitates rational memes that are strengthened by criticism, while fiat creates memes that inhibit criticism. This article was originally published by Logan Chipkin on Money doesn’t make the world go ‘round. Ideas do. In “The Fiat Standard,” economist Dr. Saifedean Ammous explains how our devolution from a hard money standard […]

First Principles – A Rational Decision-Making Framework

first principle thinking

Executive Summary: What is First Principles Thinking? In an effort to improve my decision-making skills, I recently stumbled upon a rather venerable framework for solving complex problems. The technique, known as “reasoning from first principles” was one I’d come across before in casual reading, yet was something I had failed to implement into my daily […]

Bitcoin Is Clean And Green

Bitcoin Mediation Green Nature

Bitcoin is green. Bitcoin is clean. Perhaps the world’s best system to incentivize abundant, cheap and renewable energy production This article was originally published by Thubaud Marechal on No bitcoin doesn’t boil oceans. Bitcoin is green. Bitcoin is clean. Perhaps the world’s best system to incentivize abundant, cheap and renewable energy production. How?! Bitcoin computers […]

Free Tickets For Open Source Projects At Bitcoin 2023 Conference In Miami

free ticket miami

Once again, open source projects can receive free passes for Bitcoin 2023 in Miami. Bitcoin 2023, the annual event focused on the bitcoin industry, is putting a spotlight on the importance of open-source contributions in the Bitcoin community. The event organizers have announced that they will be offering free three-day passes to contributors of open-source […]

A Vision for a Value-Enabled Web

Value Enabled Web

This article was originally published by Gigi on We all know that the Web is broken in more ways than one. Clickbait, misinformation, bot farms, anonymous “troll-demons”—the list is as endless as it is depressing. How did we end up here?  I believe there is a single-phrase answer to all these ills. But single-phrase […]

Why Visa Inc’s ‘House Of Credit Cards’ Is About To Collapse

Visa House Of Cards

This article was originally published by Austin Litman on Visa’s stock showed negative growth for the first time since 2010 last year. Isn’t that weird, considering all the money that was printed? No, because no one paid their credit cards; they thought they’d get free money forever. But now, no one can afford to […]

Mi Primer Bitcoin: 10,000 Students Received Diplomas In 2022

bitcoin financial education

This article was originally published by Mi Primer Bitcoin on Mi Primer Bitcoin (My First Bitcoin) has grown so aggressively this year that it’s almost hard to believe sometimes. When the year 2022 began, we were proud of teaching 400 students in all of 2021 — all via a 90-minute introduction class. Now, there […]

Max Keiser Wants To ‘Hide’ 10 Bitcoins In El Salvador

max keiser bitcoin drop

Bitcoin advocate Max Keiser is considering to hide 10 Bitcoin “somewhere in El Salvador” to sponsor a public treasure hunt. If the stunt would go viral, even more ‘bitcoin tourists’ could potentially visit the Bitcoin country. Forget hunger games, here come the prosperity games. Prosperity and property instead of misery and communism. Surely, finding one […]

What Ancient Stone Money Can Teach Us About Bitcoin

Yap Stone Bitcon

This article was originally published by Austin Litman on Hundreds of years ago, in paradise, one of the most unique forms of money was invented by the Yap tribe on an island east of Indonesia. It was a single stone. These stones were 12ft tall and weighed thousands of pounds. A single stone could […]