How Bitcoin Educates The World About Finance

bitcoin financial education

Some historians believe that there have been periods in history when people had greater financial education than the general public has today. One such period was during the great times of Ancient Greece, particularly in Athens. Athens in 400 BCE was very special, and remains special to our history, because this is where democracy was […]

Why It’s important To Support Hodlonaut On His Legal Stand Against Craig Wright

hodlonaut csw

This article is based on a comment by Greg Maxwell on Reddit. If you are looking to support Hodlonaut directly you can visit the donation page, where over 50 BTC as already been raised to support Hodlonaut. It would be difficult to overstate how important this is to Bitcoin, yet it’s often underestimated because the […]

Bitcoin Drop Floods Market With Rolex, Patek Philippe Watches

Rolex Patek

The watch market has been flooded with luxury timepieces like the Rolex Daytona and the Patek Philippe according to online watch trading platform Chronos24. This has impressively coincided with the drop in the price of bitcoin. Explanations for this trend are varying with one claiming the market for trophy watches is starting to lose pace, […]

Why Bitcoin Will Force Rent-Seekers To Find A New Job

find a job in bitcoin

This article was originally published by Beautyon on Medium As Bitcoin continues to grow, and countries like El Salvador successfully integrate it into their economies with over a third of their population adopting it without any problems, the people with the most to lose, the infinitesimally small number of Luddites who are resistant to any […]

Where To Spend Bitcoin – Top 10 Websites 2022

bitcoin accepted here

Bitcoin has grown in popularity among, savers, traders and investors since its inception in 2009. But what can you actually buy with bitcoin? Bitcoin acceptance as a method of payment for everyday goods and services is naturally slower than its use as a store of value. People like to keep their bitcoin as they expect […]

Bitcoin Family Buying After Price Crash, Calls For 140K

Bitcoin Family is All In After Price Crash

The “Bitcoin Family” claims they lost a million dollars on their bitcoin investment since the high of the cycle last year, but sold a lot at the peak. Didi Taihuttu, the father of the family, remains optimistic. He is currently buying back bitcoin with the firm belief that the asset is bottoming out. In 2017 […]

Earn Bitcoin by Listening to Podcasts

You can now earn Bitcoin by listening to podcasts on the Fountain app. Fountain is harnessing the Lightning Network to enable podcasters to monetize their content using the Value for Value system rather than the traditional ad model. Fountain does not require any personal information to create an account, users can sign up with just […]

Bitcoin’s Price Fell. So…What?


This article was originally published by Beautyon on Medium. Bitcoin is a very new technology, even though the concept that it brings to life is decades old. The double-spending problem has been solved; this means that it is possible to use a digital certificate to stand in the place of money and be sure that […]

Bukele Against The Gangs – Bitcoin President Sends 36,000 Criminals To Jail

The president of the Republic of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, has declared victory in the war against Salvadoran gangs.  During his annual speech in Congress, he announced how gang violence will end and homicide rates will drop. The same speech he used to mark his third year in power. He emphasized that he is on […]