Record-High Ordinal Volumes Push Bitcoin Higher

Ordinals bitcoin record high

Ordinals have continued to surge in popularity on the bitcoin blockchain in recent month. With over 520,000 inscriptions recorded as of March 21, 2023, the trend continues growing. Ordinal inscriptions enable the embedding of arbitrary data onto the blockchain, such as text, photos, music, video, and applications. Ordinals: The Original NFT Unbeknownst to many, Bitcoin […]

‘Only Bitcoin Can Save Us Now,’ Says John Lennon’s Son

John Lennon Bitcoin

Amid the ongoing financial chaos regarding collapses of major banks in the United States, renowned American-British musician Sean Lennon recently made a solid statement about Bitcoin. In a Monday tweet, the artist stated that “only Bitcoin” can save the world. Lennon’s statement was in response to a comic tweet from television presenter and Bitcoin proponent […]

More Markets, Less Regulators

If nice flowers cost a dollar would you buy them more often? If it costs $5 for someone to mow your lawn, would you outsource your lawn mowing? How many vehicles would you purchase if a nice car only cost 500 USD, or better yet, would you spend $5,000 on a jetpack that flies you […]

One Week At Bitcoin Lake Guatemala

Guatemala Bitcoin Lake

Chances are, you’ve heard about Bitcoin Lake but have little knowledge about it––other than the fact that it likely involves Bitcoin adoption in a foreign land. That’s part of the reason why we decided to check it out: we knew something was brewing in Guatemala, and we wanted to see it for ourselves.  Having been […]

Streaming Satoshis could revolutionize Payments

The concept of micropayments has been around for a long time, but until recently, it has not been feasible to implement them effectively. Micropayments, also known as microtransactions, refer to financial transactions that involve very small amounts of money. They are typically less than a dollar and are used for a variety of purposes, such […]