Lightning Network-Powered Bitcoin Soda Machine

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Lightning Network-Powered Bitcoin Soda Machine

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A crypto and hardware expert in Brazil has created a Bitcoin-powered soda machine. In the below video, you can see the inventor scanning a QR code on the soda machine with his phone. Without waiting for any confirmations, the soda machine begins to dispense Coca-Cola into a cup with ice, showing how Bitcoin can be used in the future for micropayments to obtain products from all sorts of vending machines.

Usually, people who buy products with Bitcoin have to wait for a confirmation, which takes on average 10 minutes, before receiving what they purchased. This Brazilian developer circumvents this by using the Lightning Network, which allows for instantly confirmed transactions. Perhaps more importantly, the Lightning Network has almost zero fees, making micropayments for things like a cup of soda possible. When using the normal Bitcoin blockchain, transaction fees can sometimes be as high as USD 1, making Bitcoin a highly expensive payment method relative to the cost of the item for most products that come out of vending machines.

This Bitcoin-powered soda machine is one of several similar inventions created during 2018. In June 2018, David Knezic created the Sweetbit candy dispenser, which instantly dispenses candy for Bitcoin.

Also in June 2018, Ricardo Reis from Brazil created a machine which dispenses coffee instantly for Bitcoin.

The soda machine, candy dispenser, and coffee machine all work very similarly, with a user opening their Bitcoin wallet on their phone, scanning a QR code on the machine, sending Bitcoin, then instantly receiving the goods they purchased. Perhaps in the future, Bitcoin-powered vending machines will proliferate across the world, because Bitcoin is much more convenient than using change or cash, and is far more secure.


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