• Jobs company LinkedIn says blockchain will be the most sought after job in 2020
  • Although in 2019 blockchain did not get a mention in the list, it topped the 2018 list of most emerging jobs

Employment-oriented service provider LinkedIn has said in a report that blockchain tops the list of most in-demand skills in 2020. While in previous years, skills such as Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing topped the list, 2020 has seen blockchain rise to the first position.

This might possibly be due to the high amount of wages that employers pay who can work with blockchain-based systems. More significantly, this is due to the shift in blockchain’s perspective as a “shadow of cryptocurrency” to “a business solution in search of problems”. The implication is that a financial background is not required for a recruiter to hire a potential ‘blockchain expert’.

Blockchain is now being perceived as a system with immense scope in ensuring transparency in transactions. Various companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Amazon among many have integrated this line of business in their firms. Moreover, it is being used in various industries such as agriculture, food, electricity and so on.  The top countries with demand for blockchain-based jobs are the United States, United Kingdom and Germany.


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