Why Is No One Talking About Mad Money’s Propaganda?

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This article was originally published by Austin Litman on Proofofwork.ca

In 2022, the #1 thing the government wants to hide is that they created inflation with money printing.

Mad Money is one of North America’s most popular finance shows and heavily influences much of the population. It’s where a lot of financial propaganda takes place today. 

Since it’s 2022, the propaganda should be sophisticated. Right? Well, yesterday’s episode of Mad Money was focused on explaining inflation to the public and let’s see how they tried to hide the money printing. Below are some quotes.

“How much do you hate Russians? I mean, seriously!”

“Turns out inflation was all about logistics, and logistics is solved. No more inflation!”

“I took Economics at Harvard and got an A.”

“Maybe people were tired overseas, and that caused an equipment shortage which caused inflation.”

All of that, and way funnier stuff, too, was said in 10 minutes. Why did they even make that Russian comment? Because they want to make people mad and then confuse them, it is easier to confuse someone when angry.

The truth is money printing causes inflation. Not Russia, and not people getting tired overseas. Whatever that means.

Why is no one talking about Mad Money’s propaganda? They are but only on the internet, and TV media still gets distribution to a massive audience that does not access their data from the internet. They can say anything. 

But on the internet, tons of articles are written about Jim Cramer from Mad Money, and there’s even an automatic tracker that makes the inverse trade of everything he says in real time, which outperforms him.

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