A Bitcoin Future: Year 2040

bitcoin future 2040

Year 2040, 8th halving . . .

In the year 2024, the virtual prison was rolled out. It began small, in just a few countries, but within a few short years, the world had become a financial surviellance nightmare, controlled by a powerful group of central banks that had created a digital prison to control the flow of money.

This digital fiat money system implemented strict rules and regulations, setting up a form of social credit score based on approved behavior parameters, that dictated whether punishment or reward was due to individuals, groups, and countries.

This made it nearly impossible for individuals to access their own money or to use it freely without complying with the, ever-shifting, norms of the day. The banks, in collaboration with a form of global government, used Artificial Intelligence to mine data accumulated over decades in order to determine how best to steer the masses and control the narrative through the mainstream media.

They wanted to divide us and prevent us from rising up, and they eventually succeeded in causing verbal and physical civil war in many nations. They manipulated the economy and society to their advantage, destroying true freedom in all lands under their expanding influence and keeping the majority of people impoverished and dependent on the next handout from their ostensibly beneficent masters.

However, there was still hope. Decades ago, a small group of financial rebels, known as “Cypherpunks,” recognized the dangers that the poisonous fiat system posed to a free society. They realized that this poison was spreading to every corner of the globe and that, in the absence of an antidote, true freedom would be lost. For many years, this group of independent thinkers struggled to create a digital form of money that could be used peer-to-peer without a trusted third party, but they were unable to find a cure that would stand the test of time.

bright orange future

In 2009, a breakthrough occurred. Bitcoin was created by an anonymous individual. It grew under the radar of the banking cartel, whose ambition blinded them to its value as a type of freedom money that would purge the fiat poison from all mankind’s minds. It was a decentralized digital currency that had successfully blended the digital and physical worlds for the first time through the harmonious blending of math, energy, and time. Even the creator of this new form of money, not wanting to taint its purity, quietly vanished, leaving Bitcoin to grow on its own without the need to trust that man’s greed and lust for power would be kept in check. It provided a means of escaping the prison closing in on all sides.


At first, the rebellion spread slowly. Thousands of copycat versions of this new money were tried, hoping to tap into this new form of bank ledger called blockchain, but one after the other succumbed to the lust for money and power, becoming digital versions of the banking system Bitcoin sought to free us from.

Over time, more and more people recognized the potential of this new form of money and its ability to profoundly alter our mindset. From scarcity to abundance, from instant gratification to long-term fulfillment, from selfishness to compassion, and from slavery to freedom, our thoughts began to shift. Finally, there was a store of energy and time that could be saved for future generations and would not vanish with the passage of time. We started using it to conduct transactions away from the prying eyes of our financial overlords, and it quickly became clear that this decentralized system was far more efficient and fair than the centralized fiat system we’d been force-fed by our corporatist masters for over a century.

Money changers and world rulers attacked Bitcoin with all the tools and political power at their disposal. After each attempt to bring it down, Bitcoin grew stronger and more resilient. They attempted to outlaw it and even developed their own digital currency to compete with it, but it was too late. The people had tasted freedom, and they were not about to relinquish it. Despite all efforts to stop them, they continued to use Bitcoin.

As more businesses, small countries, and then nations began to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, the tide began to turn. It became clear that this new digital currency was a huge key to unlocking the digital prison and freeing humanity from the clutches of this global abomination determined to destroy all humanity’s freedom, families, and faith. A new economy began to flourish. People were finally able to take control of their own money and spend it as they saw fit. Every home had access to the Bitcoin network and could verify every transaction sent or received. The world’s energy production increased a hundredfold, while clean fusion reactor technology and increased efficiency in harnessing the sun’s rays allowed the earth’s atmosphere to regenerate completely. The economy expanded, the wealth gap narrowed, and the world became a better place for everyone. Bitcoin’s ability to shine a light on the corrupt fiat/political system enabled it to assert power that not only altered the way money works, but also changed the world.

orange field

Finally, the ageless Babylon system, which had plagued mankind for eons, fell once more, taking those who bowed to its lucrative alliances with it, and making room for a new society, rooted in an equally ageless system. A society forged through adversity with God’s law of love etched on their hearts. The people succeeded in creating a new world where they were free to exchange value without fear of control or manipulation. Bitcoin triumphed over the dystopian world created by fiat-based nations, ushering in a new era of possibilities, prosperity, and liberty.

Having witnessed the birth of this new form of money and witnessing the radical shift in human consciousness, I have renewed hope for future generations. Humanity has found a way out of the darkness thanks to a protocol that removes the need for trust due to humanity’s darker aspects, and we have made room for a truth, salvation, and mercy that is beyond us, leading us to our divine potential. The future indeed looks bright.

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