Biden Makes Threats, UAE and India Place Bets on Russia

Biden Scared of India and UAE

The US has recently recalled a cable that labeled neutral or abstaining parties from the Ukraine conflict as in “Russia’s camp”. This report comes after Opec+ recommitted to their deal with Russia as WTI crude oil prices spike.

Details of the Washington Cable

  • Memo instructed envoys to let their Indian and UAE partners know that their neutrality put them “in Russia’s camp”.
  • US forwarded ”sensitive, but unclassified” memo to US embassies in 50 countries.
  • US State Department Spokesman on rescinded cable, “The language in question was never intended for clearance and the cable was released in error, which is why it was recalled.”

“Continuing to call for dialogue, as you have been doing in the Security Council, is not a stance of neutrality; it places you in Russia’s camp, the aggressor in this conflict,” the cable read, according to a report from Axios.

Blowback of Sanctions and Intervention in Ukraine Will Lead to Further De-Dollarization of Eurasia

In a Bitcoin News article release on Feb. 26, it was speculated that the removal of Russia from SWIFT would lead to a Bitcoin explosion as well as an unforeseen blowback.


  • OPEC+ stayed committed with agreement with Russia, will not increase supply despite WTI crude oil pumping.
  • UAE and India marginalized by cable, could strengthen bonds and lead to further move towards alternative system to SWIFT, in steps Bitcoin.
  • Saudi Arabia says they could reduce their $800 billion in US investments.
  • UAE and India at odds with US already over the airstrikes in Abu Dhabi.

Biden Scared

The quick rescindence of the cable shows that the Biden camp may have feared and regretted their statement. As geo-political game theory plays out, the White House cable can’t be taken back, and it appears the damage has been done.

Now if I were going to De-Dollarize and didn’t want to be under Chinese Communist Part surveillance through their CBDC, and sought the hardest money as the base layer of my new international monetary system, without a doubt that base monetary network, is Bitcoin.

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