Former US Politician Predicts Bitcoin Market Cap Reaching $15T

Former US politician, Scaramucci argued that Bitcoin could attain a staggering market capitalization of $15 trillion.
former us politician anthony scaramucci

SkyBridge Capital’s managing partner and former White House Director of Communications, Anthony Scaramucci, recently outlined his forward-looking perspective on the future of money, with a particular emphasis on the transformative potential of Bitcoin. The former US politician articulated a compelling argument, suggesting that Bitcoin could attain a staggering market capitalization of $15 trillion.

In the latest episode of Opto – Invest in Innovation, Scaramucci acknowledged the seemingly effective performance of the US Federal Reserve. However, he raised a profound concern about the underlying system upon which the Fed operates, characterizing it as fundamentally flawed.

His contention was rooted in the visible devaluation of fiat currencies. The former politician claims that the government consistently spends 43 cents on the dollar more than it generates in revenue.

former us politician scaramucci
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Former US Politician on Bitcoin and Gold

Scaramucci explained that the current situation is risky because borrowed funds must be repaid with dollars worth more than at the time of borrowing. This, according to him, could lead to a severe economic crisis. Consequently, the Fed finds itself in a precarious position, entangled in a system that is fundamentally broken, he explains.

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To address this systemic challenge, Scaramucci suggests an alternative solution — a decentralized, immutable asset with inherent scarcity, effectively functioning as a transparent transaction ledger. He underscored that no other asset currently possesses these defining characteristics except for Bitcoin. He envisioned Bitcoin evolving into a store of value that could surpass gold.

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In a resounding statement, the former U.S. politician predicted that Bitcoin, which is currently valued at around $600 billion, could reach a market capitalization of $15 trillion. Moreover, he acknowledged the obstacles involved in fixing the problem.

He elaborated that the problem is repairable, but it demands a long-term, strategic approach. He claimed that American policymakers frequently lack the long-term vision and detailed plans for the future that other countries, like China, exhibit.

Scaramucci Emerges as a Bitcoin Advocate

Anthony Scaramucci, renowned for his entrepreneurial ventures and investment expertise, has emerged as a major advocate for the future of Bitcoin. In a separate interview, he disclosed his significant investment in the digital asset space, including holdings of Bitcoin within the SkyBridge portfolio and his personal balance sheet.

Notably, he emphasized a unique attribute of Bitcoin—its fixed supply, making it resilient to inflation. In his view, Bitcoin is the only asset globally that has a soaring demand without the possibility of increasing its supply. He states:

“If you have a higher demand for gold, we’ll build more mines. Bitcoin has a finite supply.”

Scaramucci’s belief in Bitcoin’s potential to reshape the financial landscape is a testament to its growing prominence in the world of finance and investment.

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