Max Keiser Predicts a BTC “God Candle” Resulting in $100k Surge

Max Keiser, a prominent Bitcoin supporter has made bold predictions about a bitcoin "god candle" that could push the price up $100,000.
max keiser god candle

Max Keiser, a prominent Bitcoin supporter and advisor to El Salvador President Nayib Bukele, has made bold predictions about a Bitcoin “god candle” that could push the price up by $100,000.

In the ever-evolving world of Bitcoin, few are so firm in their belief in the digital money as is Max Keiser.

Keiser’s Record-Breaking Bitcoin Gains

Since acquiring Bitcoin in 2011, Keiser has witnessed an unimaginable rise in its value. According to his recent statements, he boasts a staggering 20,000,000% profit on his BTC stash, stating:

“I’m up 20,000,000% since 2011 with my Bitcoin”.

Amid discussions comparing Bitcoin gains to other assets like gold, Keiser’s response remains unwavering. He posted this tweet in response to a user who stated he is %50 up in his junior gold mining stock. Keiser replied with his 20,000,000% increase in Bitcoin value since 2011, showcasing the stark difference in returns.

Keiser‘s faith in Bitcoin’s potential led him to accumulate holdings despite the bitcoin’s early stages and uncertainties.

The Bitcoin Price Surge and Keiser’s “God Candle” Predictions

Keiser’s predictions often grab attention, and they’re not without substance. He forecasted a potential surge to $375,000, aligning with the increase in Bitcoin’s hashrate. His belief in a ‘God Candle’ scenario, resulting in a $100,000 surge, reflects his unwavering bullish sentiment.

Keiser’s reference to a ‘God Candle’ scenario symbolizes an unexpected and substantial price increase. According to Keiser, the rumors surrounding Qatar’s Sovereign Wealth Fund considering a massive $500 billion investment in Bitcoin adds fuel to the market’s speculative fire.

Qatar’s Consideration of Bitcoin Investment

Keiser cited Qatar’s rumored intentions to invest in Bitcoin.

Apparently, Qatar’s Sovereign Wealth Fund (QSWF), responsible for managing the country’s significant oil and gas wealth, is considering a $500 billion investment in Bitcoin. This potential move aligns with a broader trend of institutional investors integrating bitcoin into their portfolios, acknowledging the potential for high returns and long-term value.

BitcoinNews cannot independently confirm the accuracy and validity of this news at this time.

If true, this substantial investment could significantly impact the bitcoin market, potentially elevating Bitcoin’s value and solidifying its position as a mainstream investment option.

Known for its strategic and meticulous investment approach, QSWF’s foray into the Bitcoin market signals confidence in the durability and resilience of this new asset class. This bold move may also serve as a catalyst for other sovereign wealth funds and institutional investors to explore opportunities within the space, further emphasizing the growing acceptance of bitcoin in traditional investment strategies.

Max Keiser’s Advocacy and Bitcoin Influence

As a vocal Bitcoin maximalist, Keiser’s advocacy for Bitcoin’s transformative power dates back to 2011, emphasizing its latent potential to revolutionize the world. He does not disclose the exact BTC amount he holds, adhering to security norms in the bitcoin space, by avoiding flaunting his holdings on social media.

Bitcoin’s Market Performance and Analyst Insights

Bitcoin’s market performance remains a subject of speculation and analysis. The digital money’s initial surge of 244% from the lows of $3,000 to $10,000 before the 2020 halving, closely resembles the recent 180% jump from the lows of $16,000 to $44,000. If the past is any indication, this trend could strongly continue until after the halving in April 2024.

Bitcoin-halving-2020 max keiser god candle
Bitcoin price surge from December 2019 to its all-time high in November 2021

If bitcoin can repeat its past increase of almost 2,000% from before-the-halving lows of $3,000 to after-the-halving ATH of $69,000, a price target of $320,000 seems achievable within this cycle.

Analysts like Keiser and others see other potential triggers for further price hikes, including the anticipation of ETF approvals, and the rumored QSWF $500 million investment.

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