Patricia Bullrich Backs Javier Milei in Run-off: Argentine Election

The former presidential candidate in the Argentine election, Patricia Bullrich, who landed in third place during the first round, has thrown her support behind Javier Milei.
patricia bullrich javier milei

In a surprising turn of events in the Argentine political landscape, the former presidential candidate, Patricia Bullrich, who landed in third place during the first round of the presidential election, has thrown her support behind the popular libertarian figure, Javier Milei, a staunch advocate for Bitcoin.

This pivotal endorsement comes as Argentina gears up for a run-off election next month, with Milei emerging as a leading contender.

Patricia Bullrich Came up 3rd in First Round

In the initial round of voting, Bullrich secured 23.8% of the votes, trailing behind the incumbent Finance Minister Sergio Massa, who garnered 36.7%, and Milei, who managed to secure just over 30%. As the nation looks forward to the upcoming presidential election, the choice now lies between Massa and the self-proclaimed anarcho-capitalist, Milei.

Bullrich’s endorsement of Milei carries a strong message—a call for fundamental change in the country’s political direction.

She voiced concerns about a potential continuation of what she dubbed the “worst government in history.” She makes clear reference to Massa’s Unión por la Patria alliance, led by former president and current vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Bullrich stated:

“The urgency of the moment forces us not to be neutral. Argentina cannot start a new Kirchnerist cycle headed by Sergio Massa.”

Milei, now riding the wave of Bullrich’s endorsement, has a shot at adding the 24% of voters who supported her, effectively bolstering his position to potentially outperform Massa in the upcoming election. However, Massa’s strategy involves attracting disillusioned supporters from both Bullrich’s and Milei’s camps, making the race unpredictable.

Interestingly, Patricia Bullrich and Javier Milei have a complex history. Bullrich’s political journey began with her membership in the left-wing Montoneros guerrilla group. Over the years, she shifted her political affiliations, representing the Peronist Party, centrist Radicals, and various conservative alliances.

Notably, during the current election, Milei picked up on Bullrich’s past and accused her of planting bombs in kindergartens. Bullrich retaliated with a defamation lawsuit, but in a surprising twist, she announced at a press conference that she had forgiven Milei and dropped the legal charges.

Javier Milei’s Plans for the Future

It is important to note that Milei’s primary campaign focus revolves around economic and security concerns. Argentina grapples with soaring triple-digit inflation, a depreciating peso, negative foreign currency reserves, and a web of capital controls. This economic turmoil has coincided with a surge in violent crime, prompting heightened security concerns.

Source: Bloomberg

In this challenging situation, Milei has proposed an audacious economic plan. As a radical libertarian, he pledges to shutter the nation’s central bank, denouncing it as a scam. He has also promised to drastically reduce government spending and dollarize the $640 billion economy should he secure victory.

As Argentina braces for the November run-off, voter turnout may be marked by high absenteeism, with 10.4% indicating they would not vote and 7.5% remaining undecided. The nation stands at a pivotal crossroads, with the run-off election set to determine the country’s future economic and political direction.

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