Strike Launches Bitcoin Value-For-Value Application

Strike Launches Bitcoin Value-For-Value

If you use the internet, you’ve probably encountered a paywall. 

They’re those annoying pop-ups that prevent you from viewing an article. 

The paywall is where most readers click off in annoyance. After all, this is the internet! Information is supposed to be free, right? 

Seamless and universal internet monetization has been an unresolved problem forever. So what’s the solution?

Bitcoin on Lightning is internet-native. Therefore, it is easier to implement into web applications. It’s also universal and open to everyone. This allows for the standardization of the paywall and donation landscape.

On January 21st, Jack Mallers, CEO of Strike, announced PlebPay on Twitter. The application was brought to life through a hackathon that took place the weekend before. PlebPay was designed to create lightning paywalls and ‘paylinks’ for any web page or URL.

It’s not the first of its kind, and have experimented with a similar approach, but Strike has simplified the implementation.

With two clicks, you can send a penny to a content provider or create a paywall.

Bitcoin paywalls are 100x faster and easier than traditional paywalls. The days of fumbling for your credit card and reluctantly typing 16 digits into a web page are long gone.

Strike’s paywall:

  1. Click enter
  1. Pay invoice with a Bitcoin wallet
  1. Get access.

It seems that Jack has been hard at work in his mom’s closet. Interestingly, it only took four hours for the Strike team to create PlebPay. 

Blistering speed. 

If you’d like to try it out and participate in the value-for-value movement, we made a PlebPay link for this article. You can donate to the author here.

Bitcoin removes friction between producers and consumers. Internet-native payment applications save time and increase profits. Sending a penny across the internet was previously unthinkable. Now it’s a reality.

This technology unlocks a tremendous amount of value. The creator economy, which has suffered from unfair ad revenue distribution for years, stands to benefit the most. The future is bright.

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