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Bitcoin Conference Unconfiscatable

The Unconfiscatable conference in Las Vegas was a vibrant gathering of Bitcoiners from around the world. Real life events are essential for debate and networking and life experiences you will never forget.

Unconfiscatable. A word missing in any dictionary. But it isn’t cancelled or censored. It’s a new term for a new time. A new word to describe a completely new technology. The Unconfiscatable conference in Las Vegas has left a lasting impact on attendees. Once again, we were reminded how important Bitcoin is.

The grammatically correct term for “unconfiscatable” could be non-confiscatable perhaps. Regardless, any Bitcoiner who understands the significance of private key signatures and self-custody, grasps the meaning rather intuitively.

Bitcoin Artwork Scarce City
Bitcoin Art at Unconfiscatable 2022

Unconfiscatable and the personal story of Tone Vays

The man proud to have coined the term goes by the name Tone Vays. Professional Youtuber, trader, Bitcoin expert and event host, Mr Vays secured the domain unconfiscatble.com back in 2017. It shall suffice as proof that he is indeed the brainfather of unconfiscatable.

Born in Russia, Mr Vays had to experience first hand how the government can confiscate people’s wealth. When his family said goodbye to Russia and left the country, they were only allowed to take $100 worth of currency with them and had to leave the rest behind.

The conference he organizes under the name and domain has already become a trusted brand through the past years. Today unconfiscatable is a household name in the Bitcoin space.

With a top-tie speaker line up that is continuously improving, the event never disappointed. It set the bar high for bitcoin event experiences as Tone has made himself known as a host with an eye for detail. The event usually includes a poker turnament, shitcoin (scammy) awards, carnivory dinner and side activities. Surely the networking aspect and connecting with some of the best and brightest experts in bitcoin since is probably the most valuable part.


Vays has kept a consistently high standard building his boutique event network including “Understanding Bitcoin” with co-host Adam Back and “The Financial Summit” together with Willy Woo and others. Anyone that has attended any of the events is likely to come again.

The purpose of Unconfiscatable becomes more present with every year. Vays’ keynote about the greek banking crisis and the meaning behind unconfisctable money is worth watching:

The events in Canada have opened the eyes of many. Banks are not your friends anymore and may freeze your account at will. Truly and only bitcoin allows to fully own and control your own money. Education and information about the unconfiscatable orange coin has never be more important than today.

Bitcoin, Las Vegas and a bit of Vice

The unconfiscatable conference caims to be the “bitcoin not blockchain” event you can trust, yet it didn’t stay free from drama over the years. We all know; there is no bad reputation. Scandals and drama are always good for spreading the word and Unconfiscatable once became the forum for a months long saga around Trace Mayer. A story many remember until today and that is always a great way to start a conversation at unconfiscatable. Trace Mayer, once respected OG and evangelist had fallen out of the community’s goodwill when he was caught placing Mimblewimble postit’s on tables at the scammy awards night.

Trace is still missing and missed at Unconfiscatable 2022, although most people believe it was a staged event that he used to leave the public stage and ‘go dark’. Rumors are told he travels around in private jets and helps bitcoin adoption behind the scenes.

Mark Moss, Greg Foss & Bitcoin News in Las Vegas
Mark Moss, Greg Foss & Bitcoin News in Las Vegas

Regardeless of drama, the speaker lineup of the 2022 Unconfiscatable was once again a flower bouquet of bitcoin’s brightest and smartest minds: Giacomo Zucco, Mark Moss, Greg Foss, were great headline speakers among dozens of renown bitcoin experts. Panels moderated by Pete Rizzo got us great debates and jokes. Will Reeves founder of fold app, Ken Kruger founder of Moon and many other bitcoin startup entreprenuers were present to discuss industry developments. Natalie Brunnell, Bitcoin Gandalf, Uncle Rockstar and the CryptoCouple pushed the crowd into extatic stages with great shows.

Unconfiscatable kept it’s promise once again to deliver an experience nobody can take away from you, just like your bitcoin secrets. Truly unconfiscatable.

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