Max Keiser and Mexican Billionaire visit El Salvador Bitcoin Mine with helicopter

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El Salvador Bitcoin President Bukele

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A fresh delegation of influencial bitcoin maximalists has just arrived in El Salvador to dine with the president and visit the volcano bitcoin mine.

Max Keiser, 2010 class OG has made a trip to El Salvador. As his wife Stacy Herbert shared in a private Telegram chat the night before, the two were invited to dinner. Not with anyone though, the dinner was hosted by nobody less than the president of El Salvador himself, Nayib Bukele.

On March 24th at 10pm Herbert then shared one snapshot from the dinner. On it was not much more to see than table cards with names and a portrait of the president Nayib Bukele. No food and no real people.

However, one very interesting detail was revealed an we can assume Herbert didn’t let that happen by accident: the name card on the bottom right of the photo had the name Ricardo Salinas Pliego on it. Does it it ring a bell? Exactly, that’s the name of our favorite Mexican billionaire who loves Bitcoin and called the US Dollar a Joke.

So what’s up with Mr Pliego, why is he joining the dinner? Does he have big plans to join the (de)central american bitcoin alliance and push Mexico to make Bitcoin a legal tender? Mexico is a huge country with a bustling economy of an annual 2.61T GDP.

Next up in the series of mysteries is Samson Mow, fomerly employed by blockstream and one of the masterminds behind the volcano bond.
He shared an actual photo with actual bitcoin people. A selfie with Ricardo Salinas and himself in a helicopter. Of course bitcoin billionaires don’t take a horse anymore. They fly wherever they like. This trip supposely was headed to LaGeo, the so called ‘volcano mine’.

LaGeo is a public private partnership that became famous last year, when it was announced the geothermal energy plant would be used to power a bitcoin mine installed on the premise.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego retweeted and commented: “We continue working in El Salvador, because if we don’t look for it, nobody is going to come and get us out of where we are. I am 66 years old, 12.9 billion USD (they say ?) and every day I wake up to work as if I didn’t have a peso, so let’s get on with it.” This is the true dedication of someone who has all the money but is in for the purpose. Bitcoin is important to Pliego and he gives everything to foster adoption.

Many more pictures from the trip where then shared and even used as fodder for fresh bitcoin memes:

Max didn’t let the intimate opportunity in the helicopter slip. He went straight on to utlitize Salinas’ credibility to promote his brand new book with the cheesy title “The Book of Max”. It seems like Ricardo didn’t read the book to finish but couldn’t hold back anyways.

It has arguably been a sincere A-class trip everyone wished to be invited to. Unfortunately the best things are rare and exclusive. Hey taco pleb, work your way up and become a high networth pleb (HNWP) and you might join us next time.

Thankfully we can at least follow the delegation virtually, thanks to social media, and get an idea of how it went. Bitcoin Twitter has already agreed that this it’s strong signal not just gossip. It’s something to be positive about bitcoin and it could eventually reflects in price.

User Bitcoin Gandalf commented:

People currently in El Salvador because for #Bitcoin reasons:

@RicardoBSalinas (Rica)
@Excellion (Samson Mow, Ex Blockstream)
@maxkeiser (Max Keiser)
@stacyherbert (Stacy Herbert)
@cz_binance (Changpeng Zhaom, Binance)

Probably nothing.

ElHodlador ? ??

Whether for a surf camp, business trip, family holiday, or billionaire helicopter trip, the Bitcoin Mecca El Salvador is getting more and more interesting.

What do you think was discussed, beloved reader? What questions would you have asked Max Keiser, Nayib Bukele and Ricardo Salinas Pliego if you were to join this delegation?

Let us know in the comments and on Twitter.

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