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Streaming Satoshis Could Revolutionize Payments


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Pierre Corbin

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The concept of micro payments has been around for a long time, but until recently, it has not been feasible to implement them effectively. Micro payments, also known as microtransactions, refer to financial transactions that involve very small amounts of money. They are typically less than a dollar and are used for a variety of purposes, such as paying for digital content or small services.

Micropayments have the potential to revolutionize the way we use money. They can facilitate innovative business models that were previously not possible. For example, they can be used for pay-per-use services, such as paying for individual songs instead of buying entire albums, or for pay-as-you-go access to software services.

However, current payment systems are not well-suited for micropayments. Traditional payment systems, such as credit cards, have high transaction fees and are slow, making them impractical for small transactions. Moreover, they are centralized, meaning that users have to trust intermediaries to process their transactions.

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Enter the Bitcoin Lightning network, a technology that promises to unlock the potential of micropayments. The Lightning network is a layer-2 scaling solution for Bitcoin that allows for near-instant and low-cost transactions. It operates on top of the Bitcoin blockchain and uses smart contracts to enable instant payments between two parties.

Lightning works by creating payment channels between users. These payment channels allow users to transact with each other without having to make transactions on the blockchain for every payment. Instead, users can open a payment channel, make multiple transactions, and then close the channel, settling the final balance on the blockchain.

By using payment channels, the Lightning network is able to achieve near-instant transaction times and very low fees. This makes it ideal for micropayments, where speed and low fees are essential. Moreover, since Lightning is decentralized, users do not have to trust intermediaries to process their transactions.

The potential for micropayments over Lightning is not just theoretical. Real-world use cases are already emerging. For example, the Lightning network has been used to enable tipping on social media platforms, such as Twitter and Reddit. It has also been used for micropayments in gaming and online content consumption.

Now, Lightning is being used to enable voting for the best films at the bitcoin filmfest, the first Bitcoin film festival in the world, happening in Warsaw, Poland from the 24th to the 26th of March. The bitcoin filmfest is partnering with Geyser, the bitcoin-only fundraising platform, to facilitate the voting process. Geyser is using its new Geyser Grants model to match every satoshi used for voting one-to-one, effectively doubling the donations made to the filmmakers.

The Geyser Grants model is a novel approach to funding that leverages Lightning’s capabilities for micropayments. It enables users to donate small amounts of bitcoin to filmmakers, who can use the funds to produce their films. By matching every satoshi used for voting, Geyser is effectively doubling the impact of each donation.

In addition to Geyser, the Orange Pill App is also joining the initiative as a partner and contributing to the grants pool. The Orange Pill App is a bitcoin social platform, allowing users to connect with other Bitcoiners. Its partnership with the bitcoin filmfest is a testament to the potential of the Lightning network to enable innovative use cases for bitcoin.

The bitcoin filmfest is a showcase of the potential of bitcoin for the film industry. By using Lightning for voting, the festival is demonstrating how bitcoin can enable micropayments and support independent filmmakers. It is also highlighting the potential of the Lightning network for facilitating micropayments in other industries, such as gaming, social media, and online content consumption.

The use of the Lightning network for micropayments is still in its early stages, but it has the potential to unlock new business models and revenue streams. For example, it could enable new forms of content consumption, such as pay-per-use access to online courses or e-books. It could also enable new forms of micro-funding for startups or small businesses, where investors could provide small amounts of funding in exchange for equity or tokens.

The Lightning network has the potential to revolutionize the way we use money. By enabling micropayments, it can unlock new business models and revenue streams, and enable new forms of content consumption and micro-funding. The bitcoin filmfest is just one example of the potential of Lightning, and we can expect to see more innovative use cases emerge in the future.

In conclusion, the Lightning network is a game-changer for micropayments. It enables near-instant and low-cost transactions, which are essential for micropayments. The Geyser Grants model, which is being used for voting at the bitcoin filmfest, is a novel approach to funding that leverages the Lightning’s capabilities for micropayments, enabling innovative use cases for bitcoin. As the Lightning network continues to mature, we can expect to see more innovative use cases emerge, unlocking new business models and revenue streams.

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