Michael Saylor: “Meta Should Adopt Bitcoin”

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Michael Saylor, Bitcoin evangelist and CEO of MicroStrategy, believes that Meta(Facebook) should integrate Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

Meta recently announced that they’re moving away from the crypto space. Was this a mistake?

In a recent interview, Saylor responded to this decision, saying, “Their problem was not getting into the crypto space(…), if they were to adopt and embed bitcoin into their product they could deliver a compelling offering to billions of people. I think it would be worth hundreds of billions, if not trillions of dollars to Meta.”

In response to Meta’s poor earnings, Saylor went on to say, “The answer to their problem is to embed Bitcoin and Lightning into their product line.” 

In addition, he mentioned the annoyance of spam accounts on Instagram- “If you want to clean up Whatsapp and Instagram and make them safe for the world, you should wrap profiles with digital energy, which would be Bitcoin on Lightning.”

Saylor continued with comments on the traditional platform advertising model: “If Bitcoin existed when(these platforms) were founded, they wouldn’t be so reliant on advertising, and we wouldn’t have this surveillance capitalism problem. Meta’s solution is to go from a pure ad model to a value creation model where they become a bank in cyberspace.”

“They haven’t embraced Bitcoin. That’s the problem.”

What do you think? Is Saylor larping, or should Meta adopt Bitcoin? Let us know your thoughts.

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