Millennials Could Drive Crypto Industry by Ditching Banks

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The current levels of cryptocurrency adoption by millennials is seen by many analysts as a negative sign for traditional banking as more and more of this age group become disillusioned by the current financial system.

The general view borne out by much research on the subject is that millennials simply don’t trust banks. Research conducted last year by Edelman Intelligence, a global, research and analytics consultancy owned by Edelman, the world’s largest public relations company, showed that 77% of prosperous millennials feel the traditional financial system is “designed to favor the rich and powerful”.

The statistics are revealing, and that lack of trust led to the same nearly 4 out of 5 respondents to predict that another global finance crisis was imminent due to the banking system’s “bad behavior”. Another 75% were worried that the global financial system was at risk of being hacked, causing the respondents concern about the potential loss of their own private financial information.

Thus millennials are putting their faith elsewhere, as the figures illustrate: some 17.2% of millennials own cryptocurrency. According to Edelman’s study, a quarter of wealthy millennials own cryptocurrencies, a further 31% are interested in crypto, and a huge 74% put their faith in blockchain as a far safer system than the global financial space is currently able to offer.

Another survey by Sustany Capital showed that 88% want to invest in cryptocurrency and 42% like to “use cryptocurrency as savings”. The switch from conventional banking becomes more feasible for many given more education, with another survey revealing that 97% of surveyed millennials and generation X’ers said they would like to learn more about the workings of cryptocurrency. Many felt that they would be more likely to invest with financial advice demonstrating a potential professional gap in the market.

As millennials search for a whole new way of conducting their finances in a way where they can help themselves, rather than simply feed banking institution profits, cryptocurrency is becoming considered far more seriously than the early days where it was seen by this age group as just a hit or miss gamble.

As for Bitcoin’s stability, much disputed in 2018, Bloomberg shows that even with the price of the cryptocurrency dropping by 80%, the total number of users starting in the same period has doubled to 35 million.


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