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A New Era of Education: El Salvador’s Plan to Introduce Bitcoin Studies


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Brian Kirubai

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By 2024, the El Salvador Ministry of Education hopes to include Bitcoin education into the public school curriculum through a partnership with the nonprofit, nongovernmental group Mi Primer Bitcoin (MPB).

The blockchain education program seeks to give young people in El Salvador the knowledge and abilities they need to participate in the digital money revolution.

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The creator of Mi Primer Bitcoin, John Dennehy, verified this partnership and pointed out that the Ministry of Education oversees this project, with critical assistance from MPB and Bitcoin Beach. 

The nonprofit, nongovernmental organization Mi Primer Bitcoin — or “My First Bitcoin” in English — is based in El Salvador. The group’s mission is to spread awareness of bitcoin and its uses among individuals, particularly students. 

According to the program’s design, graduates will be awarded a diploma signifying their mastery of bitcoin-related subjects. Dennehy stated that the curriculum’s content will be shaped by the MPB program. 

In addition, the partnership report states that the pilot program, backed by Bitcoin Beach experts, will start on September 7 and serve as the first step in the Bitcoin education program. In the first round, 150 public school instructors from 75 different institutions will go through rigorous training to gain a firm understanding of bitcoin. 

After completing the initial training, the teachers will return to their respective schools and teach using the curriculum developed by the Ministry of Education, according to Dennehy. The concept will be implemented in every school in the nation next year, if it is effective. 

John stressed the importance of El Salvador’s Bitcoin education program and said that the adoption of bitcoin in that nation serves as an example for the rest of the world. The initiative, he continued, is a testament to the value of a good education in assuring a great outcome. Over 25,000 students have already studied bitcoin in class, according to MPB.

The organization’s goal is to spread Bitcoin education throughout the world, with El Salvador serving as a model and encouraging other countries to do the same. El Salvador is also the first country to accept bitcoin as legal money. On January 11, 2023, the country’s legislature passed legislation to allow for its first bitcoin bond, worth $1 billion, to be issued. 

El Salvador wants to establish itself as a Bitcoin inspiration to the rest of the globe. John Dennehy also thinks that the key to ensuring that El Salvador’s pioneering example is fruitful, is through high-quality Bitcoin education. 

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