A respected former Bitcoin Core developer has poured cold water on claims that Google’s new Quantum computer can endanger the Bitcoin network’s computing supremacy.

Peter Todd engaged in a Twitter discussion that was focused on whether Google has now achieved something called Quantum Supremacy following the test of its latest supercomputer that has Quantum-level computing circuits that are much more powerful than regular silicon chips currently being used.

The argument is that this new generation of quantum computers can help successfully launch 51% attacks on cryptocurrency networks especially Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency with millions of nodes around the world.

Google claimed the latest breakthrough in Quantum Computing on September 24 and it immediately sparked a discussion regarding the future of cryptocurrencies and their perceived vulnerabilities.

Todd rubbished the earlier claims that Bitcoin was under any kind of threat from this move. He said:

“It means nothing because Google’s quantum breakthrough is for a primitive type of quantum computing that is nowhere near breaking cryptography… We still don’t even know if it’s possible to scale quantum computers; quite possible that adding qbits will have an exponential cost.”

While Quantum computing is such an expensive endeavor that only top government agencies and multi billion dollar companies can pursue it, it presents an interesting aspect in the future of cryptocurrencies and whether or not it will be able to overcome the challenge and remain a dominant alternative borderless currency.


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