• A wallet of another one of the earliest Bitcoin pioneers, possibly Satoshi themselves, has suddenly become active

A Bitcoin address that has been dormant since 9 February 2009 has suddenly become active and has sent 10 Bitcoins. This has caused speculation that this wallet is owned by Satoshi as well as speculation that Satoshi may start using his massive stash of approximately 1 million Bitcoins.

However, before jumping to conclusions it has not been confirmed yet that Satoshi mined these Bitcoins. Indeed, although this wallet is from the earliest days of Bitcoin and was created just over a month after the Genesis Block, at least two other people are known to have been using Bitcoin at that point including Hal Finney and Martti Malmi. Further, some anonymous people may have been using and mining Bitcoin as well, since Bitcoin was publicly announced on the Cypherpunks mailing list before the date that this wallet was created.

Perhaps additional forensic analysis of the transaction which generated this wallet could confirm or deny if this wallet is owned by Satoshi, since it is possible to figure out which unique mining rig found these 50 Bitcoins, and to see if that rig matches the signature of Satoshi’s mining operation.

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