Brian Forde is under attack by his opposition for accepting donations in Bitcoin.

While the Federal Election Commission (FEC) gave Bitcoin donations the greenlight in a ruling back in 2014, this hasn’t stopped Dave Min from using it as the foundation of an anti-ad campaign.

Min is a rival Democrat, also competing for a seat in the House of Representatives in the upcoming 2018 elections.

The ad campaign features a headshot of the Democrat layered on top of a malicious looking background with lines of code and a hacker. The ad claims that Forde’s donors are “Bitcoin speculators that oppose cracking down on drug deals and human trafficking”.

In response, the crypto candidate told Motherboard:

“These comments about my supporters are sensationalist, wildly inaccurate, and in line with my opponent’s lack of understanding of the technology… If they were speculating, they wouldn’t have donated to my campaign in Bitcoin. They didn’t HODL, they donated to my campaign in Bitcoin because they believe in the technology.”

Misunderstanding of the technology, especially in the political sector, is part of the reason why he’s running for office.

Forde continued, discussing that even the United Nations is using Bitcoin to help solve human trafficking in Moldova. One of the poorest countries, in Europe, the UN has put Moldova on their watch list of countries not doing enough to fight human trafficking.

The project being referenced is a blockchain-based system for paperless identification documents. The project would use biometric data and prevent traffickers from smuggling children with fake documents.

“We need more rational scientists and technologists in Congress armed with evidence-based policymaking, not politicians making irrational decisions based on their emotions,” said Forde.

Forde was previously a technology advisor for the Obama administration and before that director of digital currency for MIT Media Lab. Dubbed “The Crypto Candidate”, his received Bitcoin donations make up around a quarter of overall funds raised.


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