Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, is exuberant about Bitcoin and hopes that it will become the single global currency. He states that Bitcoin goes along with his personal ideology of mathematics, purity, and science. He likes how Bitcoin is not controlled by any individual or organization, instead it is decentralized and controlled by mathematics. He sees Bitcoin as a naturally evolving force of nature.

He said all this during an interview by CNBC on 4 June 2018 at the Money 20/20 conference in Amsterdam, an event where the financial tech, payments, and financial services industry experts came together to discuss the future of money.

He expects the price of Bitcoin to continue going up since Bitcoin has a limited supply according to a mathematical formula, unlike fiat currency like the USD which can be printed at will, and also since demand for Bitcoins will be going up long term. Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey said Bitcoin would become the single global currency, and while Steve Wozniak doesn’t agree with that, he hopes it will come true.

Wozniak is a technology pioneer, having designed and developed the Apple I in 1976 as well as the Apple II in 1977, which are the first widely used personal computers in history. Without him, Apple computers would have never existed, so some feel it is perhaps appropriate to consider him the true founder of Apple.

Wozniak purchased Bitcoin for experimentation purposes when its price was USD 700 and watched as it went all the way up to USD 20,000. He never wanted to be a Bitcoin investor, so he sold all but one Bitcoin, and is keeping it so he can keep experimenting. He also has 2 Ether, and says he sees lots of potential for Ethereum since it is a platform and platforms tend to grow since there are lots of people developing applications on it.

He believes only Bitcoin is pure digital gold since it is fully decentralized and mathematically correct, and that other cryptocurrencies stray from this purity in their attempts to have a business model.


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