• Anthony Pompliano claims Bitcoin is what we need to protect wealth

Anthony Pompliano, a famous crypto figure and co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, in an interview with Cointelegraph, divulged his investment strategies amid the current challenging times. Pompliano is a stern believer that Bitcoin is what people need to make smart investments and protect their wealth, especially when the central banks are injecting trillions of dollars to prop up the economy. He stated:

“..money is a belief system, and until now the market believes that Bitcoin is more valuable than everything else”.

Regarding the Bitcoin halving event, Pompliano believes that it cannot be priced-in because that would require 100% of the people already into the asset to be aware of the upcoming event and to understand what exactly is going to happen in the event with a common consensus on the price post the halving, which is not a realistic scenario. He further anticipated that only within 18 months post-halving there will be a surge in the US dollar value of Bitcoin.

Pompliano also stated that gold, like Bitcoin, will do well in the future, but his portfolio comprises three assets only: cash, real estate, and Bitcoin to preserve his wealth.

Pompliano believes that during this pandemic, however, people should stick to their cash to serve their immediate needs. Investors should deal with the hyperinflation by purchasing other assets only when the pandemic is in control.


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