Powell Destroys Credibility, Says Inflation is Forever

Powell Destroys Credibility

Jerome Powell, the 16th chair of the United States Federal Reserve, said in a recent statement that sky-high inflation might become permanent. This is in sharp contrast, a full 180 degree pivot, to the statement that he gave a year ago claiming that inflation would be transitory. Despite multiple interest rate hikes, the US economy […]

Prominent Bitcoin Mining Company Announces Resignations

Prominent Bitcoin Miner Restructures

Compass Mining, a prominent Bitcoin mining company, announced today that both their CEO and CFO will be stepping down. In a statement released by the company, they announced that their “Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of Chief Executive Officer Whit Gibbs and Chief Finance Officer Jodie Fisher.” The pair will be replaced by […]

Why Bad News is Good for Bitcoin

Bitcoiners cannot be manipulated

“First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.” (Nicholas Klein 1914) For any investor, and especially for anyone in Bitcoin, we are all quite familiar with the expression of FUD. But let’s examine a little bit about the core meaning of Fear, Uncertainly and […]

Bitfinex “making a big investment” into El Zonte Capital

el zonte capital

The Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex has made a sizable contribution to the El Zonte Capital Hyberbitcoinization fund in El Salvador. Investors, podcasters, and OG Bitcoin dynamic duo, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert made the Bitfinex announcement Monday morning on Cafe Bitcoin. Bitfinex have made a very sizable contribution to El Zonte Capital Max and Stacy formed […]

Stephan Livera Crushes Miami Shitcoin

Miami Shitcoin

Renowned Bitcoiner, investor, and podcaster Stephen Livera calls out Miami Mayor Francis Suarez for endorsing Citycoin. Since Livera’s statement, Miami citycoin has cratered -88% in USD terms. Stephan Livera is a leader in the Bitcoin Space as the Managing Director of Swan International at Swan Bitcoin. Livera also hosts the Stephan Livera Podcast, one of […]

Buckle up, the first week of May was a roller coaster for Bitcoin

bitcoin week recap

The month of May kicked off with some significant Bitcoin Price fluctuations. The week ended with BTC trading near the $34,000 USD mark, close to this year’s previous low price of approximately $33,000 USD in January. Bitcoin Twitter is celebrating the cheap price for Sats. Uncertainty is around, but not doubt: Perhaps part of the […]

Turkish Lira Inflation blows up 70% fueling Bitcoin adoption

Turkish Lira Inflation Blows up

The Turkish Lira crashes on Thursday as the nation reports an annual inflation rate of 70%, the highest in over two decades. Turkey’s Statistical Institute, TurkStat, assessed the annual inflation rate reached 61.14 per cent in March, which is the highest inflation rate in the last two decades. Consumer goods, food, utility bills and taxes […]

Meet Russia’s trade partner, Central African Republic

Central African Republic new trade partner of Russia In 2013, the United Security Council has placed an arms embargo on the Central African Republic (CAR). Russia was given an “exemption” in Dec 2017 and security personnel have been in the country ever since. Russia is interested in natural resources in CAR. CAR adopts bitcoin as […]

Another Deutsche Bank Raid, Another Whistleblower Dead

Deutsche Bank Raid

A raid was carried out by Germany’s federal police office, criminal prosecutors, and country’s financial watchdog targeting Deutsche Bank headquarters in Frankfurt this morning. The raid came only four days after the discovery of Valentin (Val) Broeksmit’s body at Woodrow Wilson High School in El Sereno, near Los Angeles. William Broeksmit, Val’s father, hung himself in […]