After The FTX Fraud, It’s Time to Be Even More Bullish on Bitcoin

SBF Jail Bitcoin

When the Securities and Exchange Commission announced charges against FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried this week, it ended a nearly 2-month-long drama. This article was originally published by Yael Ossowski on Bankman-Fried’s unethical business setup between his hedge fund Alameda Research and crypto exchange FTX (including the 130 related companies now in bankruptcy) were enough of a […]

Inside: Binance Launches Speculative Attack Against FTX, And Wins

CZ Binance vs SBF FTX chess

This article was originally published on The Bitcoin Layer. The global dash-to-cash has found its way into the crypto ecosystem Yet another victim of the global liquidity contraction is upon us, only this time it’s not a central bank, it’s a shadow bank. The second largest crypto exchange in the world—FTX—is facing liquidity issues as the native […]

Bitcoin’s Growth Curve Knocks Out Gold, Oil and Bonds

Bitcoin Oil Gold

An August Bloomberg Intelligence report on Bitcoin’s growth curve saw it closely matching those of gold, oil and U.S. Treasury (T) bonds. In its August edition of “CrYptO Outlook” senior commodity strategist Mike McGlone and senior market structure analyst Jamie Coutts, compared Bitcoin markets to those of gold, bonds and oil. This might have been due to: […]

Bitcoin Amsterdam 2022 – Orange Pilled Octoberfest In Orange Land

Bitcoin Amsterdam

The Bitcoin Amsterdam conference is a 3-day event that will run from October 12-14, 2022. Under the motto “Bitcoin is making history in Europe,” the conference invites all to Westerpak in Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. The Dutch aren’t just famous for producing much of Europe’s food, loving football and beer, no they […]

56.2 Million Santander Brasil Customers To Access Bitcoin Services

Santander Brasil CEO Mario BItcoin

Santander Brasil is planning to provide bitcoin services for over 50 million of its regional clients. “We recognize that it is a market that is here to stay, and it is not necessarily a reaction to competitors positioning themselves, it is simply a vision that our client has demand for this type of asset, so […]

Commodities Soaring, Nickel Up 30%, ‘The Great Reset’ Approaches


Commodity prices skyrocketed as industrial buyers and traders hurried to acquire raw materials disrupted by the conflict in Ukraine. Nickel rose 30%, platinum touched a record, and gold broke beyond $2,000 per ounce, while oil and wheat rose to 14-year highs. Commodity markets have been jolted not just by strong Western sanctions against Russia, which […]

Powell Destroys Credibility, Says Inflation is Forever

Powell Destroys Credibility

Jerome Powell, the 16th chair of the United States Federal Reserve, said in a recent statement that sky-high inflation might become permanent. This is in sharp contrast, a full 180 degree pivot, to the statement that he gave a year ago claiming that inflation would be transitory. Despite multiple interest rate hikes, the US economy […]

Prominent Bitcoin Mining Company Announces Resignations

Prominent Bitcoin Miner Restructures

Compass Mining, a prominent Bitcoin mining company, announced today that both their CEO and CFO will be stepping down. In a statement released by the company, they announced that their “Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of Chief Executive Officer Whit Gibbs and Chief Finance Officer Jodie Fisher.” The pair will be replaced by […]

Why Bad News is Good for Bitcoin

Bitcoiners cannot be manipulated

“First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.” (Nicholas Klein 1914) For any investor, and especially for anyone in Bitcoin, we are all quite familiar with the expression of FUD. But let’s examine a little bit about the core meaning of Fear, Uncertainly and […]

Bitfinex “making a big investment” into El Zonte Capital

el zonte capital

The Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex has made a sizable contribution to the El Zonte Capital Hyberbitcoinization fund in El Salvador. Investors, podcasters, and OG Bitcoin dynamic duo, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert made the Bitfinex announcement Monday morning on Cafe Bitcoin. Bitfinex have made a very sizable contribution to El Zonte Capital Max and Stacy formed […]