• A USD 2 trillion Bitcoin market cap would be equivalent to a Bitcoin price of roughly USD 100,000

According to Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, now that the world is talking about trillions of dollars of bailouts, numbers in the trillions are not that unimaginable anymore. Zhao then points out how a modest Bitcoin market cap of USD 2 trillion would put Bitcoin’s price near USD 100,000.

Indeed, the United States is about to pass a USD 2 trillion stimulus package in order to bailout the economy, and worldwide there have been trillions of dollars of other bailouts, all being spent in a very short period of time to halt the economic crash. Another number that puts things in perspective is that global markets have lost somewhere around USD 25 trillion.

Currently, the Bitcoin market cap is just slightly more than USD 0.1 trillion, and it can be speculated that Bitcoin has a good chance at having a market cap in the trillions in the coming years, especially since global fiat currencies are weakening due to the trillions of dollars of money printing during this economic crisis, which could lead to people rushing into Bitcoin as a currency safe haven.

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