On the 9 June edition of the BitcoinNews.com Daily Radio Show we do an in-depth market analysis, and discuss how USD 10,000 is the level to watch in the Bitcoin market, and that once Bitcoin can solidly break this level a major rally is expected. The market is bullish due to the recent block halving, which is decreasing selling pressure due to miner revenues being cut in half.

On a related note, we discuss the stock to flow model which calculates the scarcity of Bitcoin based on the ratio of its circulating supply to the amount mined per year, and how the stock to flow model projects Bitcoin to rally to well over USD 100,000.

We then jump into a full altcoin market analysis and discuss how the landscape has changed since our last show over a year ago. Tether has now climbed to #3 on CoinMarketCap as stablecoins become increasingly popular, due to them replacing regular fiat as the currency of choice for buying and selling crypto.

We also discuss the origins of Bitfinex’s LEO token, how Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV are insecure due to their relatively low hash rate, and how Ripple continues to be a bad investment due to centralized dumping. Further, we discuss how Monero has the most potential out of all the altcoins due to being the only true stealth crypto.

After that, we explore a variety of stories, including how the Bitcoin pizza guy, who bought two large pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins, actually spent a total of 50,000 Bitcoins on pizza, including 6,000 Bitcoins for a single slice.

Additionally, we discuss how the US Marshals have been seizing so much Bitcoin that they hired a company to custody and sell the coins under their control.

After that we talk about how Chainalysis, which is a blockchain forensics firm, has apparently cracked the privacy of Zcash and Dash, leaving Monero as the only truly anonymous cryptocurrency.

Finally, we briefly discuss how the Bitcoin market and other safe-haven assets were attacked in a global manipulation scheme during March, which will be explored in detail during tomorrow’s episode of the BitcoinNews.com Daily Radio Show.


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