Redditor synthsucht has used a sound generator program to create a history of Bitcoin’s recent market cap swings. The end result is a 45-second audio clip that tells the history of Bitcoin from 2016-2018, in a unique format that has probably not been thought of before this.

Total market cap chart as a sound generator from CryptoCurrency

In 2016, Bitcoin’s market cap was relatively low compared to what it is today but steadily increasing as the market began to exit a long bear market. In the audio track, it appropriately sounds like rising music at the beginning of a classical opera or an organ at church, punctuated by musical peaks when Bitcoin began to have mini rallies in June and August 2017.

Bitcoin’s rally towards USD 20,000 in the last quarter of 2017 changes the nature of the sound, with an increasingly excited pitch. There is an organ-like crescendo when Bitcoin’s price hit its all-time high in December 2017, before music sounding like it was played from a synthesized keyboard as the price of Bitcoin peaks and crashes. Each mini rally and crash, and daily volatility during 2018, sounds like someone hitting different keys on the keyboard. The music captures the volatility perfectly.

While this audio history of Bitcoin from 2016-2018 is simple and short, it captures Bitcoin’s market sentiment without even saying a word. It paints a slow and depressed sentiment as Bitcoin exited a 2-year bear market, before entering an upbeat tempo with the rally. The current bottoming out of the market is played out in neutral organ tones.

Some people on Reddit suggest this audio clip should be the Bitcoin National Anthem.


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