• Blockchain-based voting may prove to be critical if a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic erupts

The coronavirus pandemic is beginning to ease up in the United States and across most of the rest of the world. However, computer models predict that a second wave of the pandemic will surge across the world in the autumn, and this would coincide with the November Presidential Elections in the United States. If this happens, blockchain-based voting may prove to be critical in order to maintain democracy.

Essentially, if the second wave of the COVID-19 virus is severe enough, then a typical in-person election would lead to a massive amount of infections and deaths. Therefore, even though elections are the cornerstone of democracy, they may not be allowed to occur, at least in person.

What could save the day is blockchain-based voting. Basically, blockchain-based voting guarantees that all votes are immutable and cryptographically secure, while also ensuring that a real-life person cast the vote.

Therefore, even if in-person voting stations are banned due to the coronavirus, democracy could still be preserved via blockchain-based voting. However, the big caveat is that blockchain-based voting systems have never been widely used in the past, and it is quite possible that they could be prone to manipulation and hacking if they aren’t properly implemented.

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