A recent Blockchain Defender report claims that despite cryptocurrencies increasing market capitalization there is still a prevailing lack of public trust in the industry as a whole.

Despite the market cap hitting nearly $800 billion in January 2018, the report cited negative sentiments in many areas. The report essentially focused on market sentiments, trends, capitalization and comparisons with traditional exchanges in order to get an overall picture of how the industry is perceived.

To analyze market sentiment the report called upon search results in each country’s native language, finding that the most negative search results were found in the United States, followed by Germany, the United Arab Emirates and Japan. The actual sources of negative content were found to include social media platforms, blogs, crypto industry news websites, discussion forums, crypto review websites, and crypto company directories and websites.

The report also found that cryptocurrency exchanges had far less control over online sentiment than traditional exchanges. This was due to the level of ownership of the content with traditional exchanges own 34.38% of content compared to only 17.75% by cryptocurrency exchanges.

Blockchain Defender examined the data for a cryptocurrency which had been hacked last year with an examination of its popularity both before and after the hack and surmised that globally, the digital currency experienced an increase in negative content as a result of the hack and a drop in positive sentiments.

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