Australia’s Brisbane International Airport has announced that it is to introduce cryptocurrency payments at its terminal, according to News BTC.

Brisbane airport has teamed up with Australian crypto travel company TravelByBit, which designs tourist routes and provides selected providers with a digital currency payment platform. The airport will use the platform to enable flyers to use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and other digital currencies to shop and dine at various stores and restaurants across both of Brisbane’s air terminals, a press release says.

Roel Hellemons, Brisbane Airport Corporation’s (BAC) general manager of strategic planning and development, claims that Brisbane is the first city airport worldwide to offer the service saying that it’s a logical move given that many travelers are cryptocurrency investors. He said, “This is just the beginning for us as we hope to expand the digital currency option across the business.”

TravelByBit CEO Caleb Yeoh said that the move was a good indicator that cryptocurrencies were a viable currency, commenting, “Here at TravelByBit we are promoting the Bitcoin travel movement. Digital currency for worldwide travel. It’s simple, safe and there are no bank fees.”

Australian business has a very progressive record in its uptake of cryptocurrency for commercial purchasing. TravelByBit has been very proactive in promoting its use within the booming travel and hospitality industry across the country. Brisbane itself has been named ‘Crypto Valley’ by locals with more than 20 merchants across the city now accepting crypto payments.

Yeoh said that the company’s aim is to build a case for cryptocurrency use within the travel industry and commented:

“Whenever you travel overseas you have to deal with multiple currencies and you never know what exchange rates the banks are charging you… we are promoting the Bitcoin travel movement. Digital currency for worldwide travel. It’s simple, safe and there are no bank fees.”

Australian as a nation was very quick to allow the public to be able to use Bitcoin as a practical payment method. Brisbane’s claim to its Crypto Valley tag rather pales when matched against Melbourne which had twice the number of merchants as Brisbane was accepting Bitcoin as far back as 2014, with Sydney laying claim to half that total. Since last year an Australian Startup called ‘the Living Room of Satoshi‘ has been helping customers to pay their utility bills with Bitcoin, by using a bank account or Bpay payment system, and then sending their funds to a cryptocurrency address, according to Business Insider.

Australia’s attempts to regulate the cryptocurrency industry have so far been successful in its endeavors to protect citizens and the financial sector while still continuing to develop and incorporate the technology into the infrastructure of the country.


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