A Bitcoiner’s View Of The Merge

A Bitcoiner's View Of The Merge

As true Bitcoiners, we are prone to view other cryptocurrencies with a mix of disdain and indifference; a condescending “well, that’s quite nice what you’re doing there…”, along with with a ruffle of the young scamps’ hair before turning again to The One True Altar of 21 million. This attitude, which has come to be […]

Australia’s Central Bank Suffers Losses Worth Billions In Bond Purchase Program

Central Bank Australia Bond Loss

The Reserve Bank of Australia has made public that it suffered losses in its bond purchasing program. Michele Bullock who’s the Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) spoke at an event yesterday in Sydney, hosted by Bloomberg. Bullock said Australia’s central bank suffered a huge loss in its bond purchasing program during […]

Privacy: Why Pix and FedNow are the opposite of Bitcoin

Why Pix And FedNow Are The Opposite Of Bitcoin

The US Central Bank has recently announced the launch of its new payment system, Fednow, scheduled for July 2023. FedNow is an instant, fully-digital payment service that uses the American dollar–a system reminiscent of the Brazilian PIX launched in October 2020. At first glance, this creation facilitates transactions and makes them faster since sending and […]

Memes Are Truth Bombs, But Can They Be Divine?

Memes The Divine Truth Bombs

In a world full of lies, where do we look for truth? If we can’t trust science, politicians, the news, and search algorithms, how do we get to the bottom of things? In a post-truth world, where we are alone, without moral traditions, and without ancestors to guide the way, how do we develop a […]

Record Of 3,000 Lightning Payments At Largest German-Speaking Bitcoin Conference

btc22 lightningtransactions 3000

Over 3,000 payments via the Lightning Network were registered at the largest German-speaking Bitcoin conference “Die Bitcoin Konferenz” according to Swiss payment processing startup Lipa. The conference attracted over 800 attendees and the stage hosted renown speakers such as Michael Saylor, Saifedean Ammous, Rahim Taghizadegan, Nikol Jilch and Ijoma Mangold. As a venue, the organizers […]

Expiration Date Of Digital Yuan Could Lead To Bitcoin Explosion

digital yuan expiration

The new digital yuan could make Bitcoin attractive. The absurd measure to make unused currency worthless may benefit Bitcoin. Using its prototype Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), the Chinese Communist Party wants to implement an expiration system under the pretext of a “warming” of the economy. The design consists of a removal of the currency […]

Colorado To Accept Bitcoin For Tax Payments

colorado bitcoin tax

Colorado just announced taxes can be paid in Bitcoin according to a report by Axios Denver. Last Monday, the Colorado government, whose governor is Democrat Jared Polis, announced at Denver Startup Week that it will accept payment for numerous taxes with the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.  However, the payments will have to be made through a […]

Did Craig Wright Lie Under Oath?

craig wright fraud

This article was originally published by Dustin Trammell on dustintrammell.com Last week, notorious Faketoshi Craig Wright took the stand in the @hodlonaut vs. Craig Wright trial in Norway. While on the stand giving his testimony, Craig Wright was being questioned by his counsel about sharing early versions of the whitepaper and code, and asked “did you share the code […]

Tap, Ka-Ching: How Lightning NFC Cards Take Over Bitcoin Payments

satoshstore nfc card

Bitcoin NFC Cards are taking over the bitcoin community by storm. The new technology allows to make contact less payments similar to credit cards. If you are a bitcoin user you have probably experienced the inconvenience of scanning a QR code and it just didn’t work. You try to scan the QR code but the […]