Bitcoin Mobile Wave: Lightning Phone Credit Spreads In Africa

Mobile Bitcoin Wave

For years, mobile credit has been alternative currency in many African countries. Now, bitcoin can be sent and received without an Internet connection using just mobile phones. The startup behind this breakthrough innovation is called Machankura and they currently offer their services in six African countries including Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda. […]

Why Bitcoin Will Force Rent-Seekers To Find A New Job

find a job in bitcoin

This article was originally published by Beautyon on Medium As Bitcoin continues to grow, and countries like El Salvador successfully integrate it into their economies with over a third of their population adopting it without any problems, the people with the most to lose, the infinitesimally small number of Luddites who are resistant to any […]

FTX Bails Out BlockFi With $250 Million

sam bankman fried

FTX sat on the sidelines while shitcoin lenders and DeFi Ponzis collapsed – until now.  Either that or, rumor has it, FTX was secretly involved to create an ideal situation to be able to buy out competitors at low prices.  However, there is no hard evidence for an active involvement by FTX to bring down […]

Trust Is Dead – Evolution Of The Dollar System

What has been happening more than anything in the last century, and what most people haven’t caught on to yet, equals to Trust is dead. Prohibition of Gold Due to the pressures of economic growth, the Federal Reserve had to find a mechanism to increase money velocity in 1913, which necessitated the creation of debt. […]

7 Famous Economic Principles Bitcoiners Must Know

Bitcoin Principles

Guest article contributed by Meyrick Dabreo. Follow Meyrick on Twitter and check his podcast on Fountain. In this article, we will explore seven economics principles that I found to be very helpful or even essential on my journey to understand bitcoin. Let’s dive in. Lindy Effect The Lindy effect, also known as Lindy’s law, can […]

Bitfinex Donates 36 BTC To Businesses In El Salvador

El Savlador Bitcoin

The Central American country chose Bitcoin as the center of its strategy for economic revitalization in 2021. Following this, the exchange Bitfinex donated 36 bitcoin and $600,000 to small Salvadoran businesses in order to support economic development in neighborhoods that have suffered gang violence. The funds that Bitfinex donated are earmarked for distribution in the socially […]

56.2 Million Santander Brasil Customers To Access Bitcoin Services

Santander Brasil CEO Mario BItcoin

Santander Brasil is planning to provide bitcoin services for over 50 million of its regional clients. “We recognize that it is a market that is here to stay, and it is not necessarily a reaction to competitors positioning themselves, it is simply a vision that our client has demand for this type of asset, so […]

Paraguay Senate Approves Bitcoin Law

Paraguay Bitcoin Law

Paraguay’s High Chamber recently granted half sanction to the bill that gives a regulatory framework to digital assets and bitcoin mining in the country. The adoption of bitcoin in Latin American countries continues its march by leaps and bounds, with an increasing number of governments interested in this trend. While El Salvador became the first […]

Bitcoin Crashed? Do this.

bitcoin week recap

Bitcoin crashed, but don’t focus on price, take this chance to reevaluate how you spend your time. Reinvent yourself, better yourself, find a way to participate in something more than you. Hell, you could even write an article for BitcoinNews.Com!  Or are you feeling blue because some altcoin you staked is going to zero? You […]

Where To Spend Bitcoin – Top 10 Websites 2022

bitcoin accepted here

Bitcoin has grown in popularity among, savers, traders and investors since its inception in 2009. But what can you actually buy with bitcoin? Bitcoin acceptance as a method of payment for everyday goods and services is naturally slower than its use as a store of value. People like to keep their bitcoin as they expect […]