Streaming Satoshis could revolutionize Payments

The concept of micropayments has been around for a long time, but until recently, it has not been feasible to implement them effectively. Micropayments, also known as microtransactions, refer to financial transactions that involve very small amounts of money. They are typically less than a dollar and are used for a variety of purposes, such […]

Why Bitcoin & Lightning Is The Best Blockchain Remittance Model Yet

Lightning remittance model

This article was originally published by Emile Phaneuf on Remittances are an under-recognized but vital part of the global economy. The classic scenario is one in which economic migrants in one country send money back to friends and family in their country of origin. The transaction sizes are often relatively small (usually between $200 to […]

What Are Zero Knowledge Rollups And Can They Help Scale Bitcoin?

Lightning vs CoinJOin

Almost since its creation, some Bitcoin enthusiasts have looked to ways the functionality and scalability of Bitcoin might be increased. As Bitcoin adoption continues to expand, the ability to build trustless, financial primitives on top of the protocol will be key in challenging the fiat-based monetary system(s). To date scaling solutions to Bitcoin have varied […]

Set Up A Nostr Relay Server In Under 5 Minutes

Nostr Setup Guide

This article was originally published by André Neves on This is a quickstart guide for those that wish to run a Nostr Relay. There are tens of relay server options and implementations, but to keep things simple for newcomers to the network, I’m using the friendly `nostream` built in TypeScript and packaged as a Docker […]

Coinjoin Versus Lightning For Bitcoin Privacy

Lightning vs CoinJOin

In this article we discuss the privacy of CoinJoin in comparison with Lightning transactions. As Bitcoin adoption increases, privacy challenges and their solutions come increasingly to the fore. Satoshi’s initial implementation was never designed to mask the individuals linked to pseudonymous wallet transactions. As our lives become increasingly digital, privacy, or more accurately the option […]

Free Tickets For Open Source Projects At Bitcoin 2023 Conference In Miami

free ticket miami

Once again, open source projects can receive free passes for Bitcoin 2023 in Miami. Bitcoin 2023, the annual event focused on the bitcoin industry, is putting a spotlight on the importance of open-source contributions in the Bitcoin community. The event organizers have announced that they will be offering free three-day passes to contributors of open-source […]

A Vision for a Value-Enabled Web

Value Enabled Web

This article was originally published by Gigi on We all know that the Web is broken in more ways than one. Clickbait, misinformation, bot farms, anonymous “troll-demons”—the list is as endless as it is depressing. How did we end up here?  I believe there is a single-phrase answer to all these ills. But single-phrase […]

How To Setup LNbits Instance On Your Own Machine In 10 Minutes

Ben Arc LnBits

This article was originally published by DarthCoin on substack I’ve seen lately many people that want to start play with LNbits. And many are noobs in running nodes, or don’t have already channels open, their nodes are not well prepared, running behind Tor etc. So here is a quick guide how to install, configure and […]