The Bitcoin Zitadelle Conference is Back!

Bitcoin Zitadelle

European Bitcoiners and their kin from around the world will gather in Switzerland, home to masterfully crafted watches and historic banks, for the 2022 edition of the Bitcoin Zitadelle conference in coming days. The event will run from today August 11th to the 14th of August with nonstop action all the way until Sunday. The […]

Receive Bitcoin Via SMS With Machankura

Mobile Bitcoin Wave

A startup from South Africa has merged SMS and Lightning to allow easier Bitcoin payments when internet is cut off. For years, mobile credit has been alternative currency in many African countries. Now, bitcoin can be sent and received without an Internet connection using just mobile phones. The startup behind this breakthrough innovation is called […]

Stacker.News Raises $1.25m Seed Round At $25m Valuation

Stacker News Raise

Stacker.News, a young startup based in Austin, Texas has announced it successfully closed its seed round. The lead investors are Max Webster of Hivemind Ventures, NYDIG founder and executive chairman Ross Stevens, Raymond Tonsing of Caffeinated Capital, Mishti Sharma with Caffeinated’s Collective Fund, and Steve Lee filling up the rest. The seed round boosts the […]

MyNode Review: Easily Run Your Own Bitcoin Full Node

How To Run A node

This article is brought to you by myNode. Article patronage is essential to keep free and support independent writers and creators. If you’re not running a node, can you even call yourself a Bitcoiner? Nodes are a fundamental element of Bitcoin’s core infrastructure. Without full nodes, a decentralized peer-to-peer currency would not be possible.  […]

First Taco Sold For Bitcoin In Poland

First Taco Sold For Bitcoin In Poland.jpg

A Mexican restaurant in Wrocław, Poland now accepts Bitcoin and marks the first Taco sold for Bitcoin in Poland as of this Friday. The historic city of Wrocław in southwestern Poland has much to offer for visitors. Established in the 10th century, the well preserved old town is rich of beautiful historic buildings, churches and […]

Lightning Network Capacity Up 150% Kraken Intelligence Report Reveals

lightning network growth 150

A new report issued by Kraken Intelligence has analyzed the growth of the Lighting Network. The report reveals that during the past year, the network capacity has expanded 150%. As bitcoin’s global adoption grows, its use as a medium of exchange also increases. In Kraken Intelligence’s latest report, The Lightning Network: Bitcoin Evolution to Medium […]

GTA 6 To Include Bitcoin, Leak Suggests

Bitcoin GTA

One of the biggest gaming franchises, backed by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto, popularly called GTA, confirmed that it is working on its sixth installment, and according to a report, GTA 6 could include Lightning or Bitcoin features within the game. As per the leak, GTA 6 might provide a digital payments system in the gameplay, […]

Exceeding $5 A Gallon, Company Rewards Fuel Purchase With Bitcoin

Gas prices are higher than ever all over the world as inflation shows its fierce effects on the economy. A Bitcoin startup now wants to offer relief through bitcoin rewards for gas (real gas at the pump, not shitcoins). Bitcoin rewards application Lolli has chosen the energy company Chevron as its new official fuel partner. […]

How To Build Your Own Lightning Node with Lightning Network Daemon (LND)

lightning lnd joe davison

This article was originally published on Lightning Network is growing in popularity and many believe it is the answer to bitcoin scalability. In order to understand Lightning Network more, I recently set out to build and run a Lightning node from scratch on my spare Linux machine. To start, I downloaded the LND source […]

Earn Bitcoin by Listening to Podcasts

You can now earn Bitcoin by listening to podcasts on the Fountain app. Fountain is harnessing the Lightning Network to enable podcasters to monetize their content using the Value for Value system rather than the traditional ad model. Fountain does not require any personal information to create an account, users can sign up with just […]